Syron Military Base Feedback

Posted by NickRod on 2 March 2018 in English (English)

So, it's me again. Been working on the city of Syron (Still a sketch, definitely won't stay like how it is for long) and it's subsequent Military Base, located south of the city, which has been under heavy remodeling.

Originally planned as only a military port and shipyard, it currently has it's own airfield, 4 shipyards, 3 of which can only build destroyers or things smaller than DDs. It's current holding capacity of troops is very high, and it's not even half way done. In today's update, i finally built Anti-ship and Anti-air defences, which are, in the coming days, going to be widespread across the military base.

Today, aswell, the Command Centre was finally rebuilt.

Edit: As of right now, only the TopoMap view has today's update ready. Sorry!

So i want some feedback on the base's current state, some ideas for tanks and airplane models, and overall, your opinion on how the base looks.

If you want to know where it is, it's located north of the PicLayer Test City, in West Commonia, north from another city located in a peninsula just 11km off.


Comment from Arlo on 3 March 2018 at 01:33


Your current work is a good start but here are some things that I think you should improve:

  • Scale is important and from what I can see your military base is a bit small and out of scale. Using this tool to compare your work to real military bases in the world:

  • I'm presuming the area surrounded by 'AAEs' is the airfield. You can change the purple industrial area to a runway instead (Its needs to be a bit longer for fighter jets to land and take off from). See this handy guide:

  • I can see you've put a good amount of detail in the bottom right section of your base and I think its great but referring back to 'scale', please make sure that all these buildings are the correct size for what you are attempting to build.

I hope you find some insight from comment and wish you good luck in future mapping!


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Comment from NickRod on 3 March 2018 at 01:58

Very thanks! In any case, i think the scale is correct, as the airforce in this base is made up of interwar and pre-WW2 equivalent planes, that don't need alot of runway.

AAEs are Anti-Aircraft-Emplacements, so yes.

The Military base itself isn't out of scale, it's just a smaller, way smaller compared to most others. I said it's big - but not by military base standards, i said it's big in that most of the buildings are large, and can house alot of troops.

In any case, during tomorrows update i will do some more work on it, and these tips from you will be useful. Happy mapping!

-N. Rod

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