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Uploading with JOSM?

Posted by Portier on 13 May 2022 in English (English).

I finally decided to stop using iD and to use JOSM instead, like everyone else has been doing for years, but it seems like the authentication process for uploading doesn’t work! I’ve read the advice that says we should use basic authentication, enter username and password and that should be fine, but it looks like it isn’t fine in my case, as it still says that the process failed. What’s the obvious, silly mistake I’m making?

Tarephia Cooperation Council

Posted by Portier on 6 April 2019 in French (Français).

The government of the Free Principality of Sudharka (on the Uthyran coast, in eastern Tarephia), is willing to join the Tarephian Cooperation Council. The problem is that the ministry of Foreign Affairs isn’t able to tell what should be done to become a member, who should be asked and what the exact conditions are. This is why this government is now asking this question to you (and also considering to fire the minister of the F.O., visibly unable to do his job).

Thanks in advance.

Location: Mairowa, Longido, Région d'Arusha, Northern Zone, Tanzanie

Colonist powers

Posted by Portier on 8 March 2019 in French (Français).

Many people would be pleased if the number of former ingerish colonies and ingerish influenced coutries were not so important. But what else ?

In my particular case, my country (see “Sudharka” in the wiki) wasn’t properly colonized by Ingerland. I decided to explain its technological and political modernity by a “european” adviser who helped the local prince in modernizing the country. But, of course, this man was ingerish, and I think I would change this.

So, my question is : where else could he have been from ? (Whether is was ingerish-speaker or not, because I could also speak French, a bit of Spanish, and maybe try to learn a bit of something else for OGF.) What are the other early-develloped, (colonist) countries that could sometimes replace Ingerland in explaing the cultural uniformity ?

I hope you have interesting ideas for answering this question.

My country through time.

Posted by Portier on 7 March 2019 in French (Français).

Good morning-evening,

I map the Free Principality of Sudharka (TA097b) and, since I am a rather recent user of OGF, I wonder about the history of this territory before I took possession of it. Just for the sake of curiosity.

Could any experienced user tell me what were there before ?

And, oh, by the way, what do you think about my country ?

Location: Mairowa, Longido, Région d'Arusha, Northern Zone, Tanzanie

Anyone skilled in OGF geography ?

Posted by Portier on 27 February 2019 in French (Français).

Hello, there, I map the Free Kingdom of Sudharka (TA097b, in northern Tarephia). Because I took my inspiration mostly from the kingdom of Sarawak, in Borneo, I decided to make it an asian-like country, using what I think to be asian-like names. But I consider changing this location, and turn it either to a northern-Africa-like country, or to a south-american-like one. I would nonetheless ask there if anybody could tell me what this part of the continent is really supposed to look like. I didn’t find a lot of geographical information on the wiki, and, tough the latitude and longitude corresponds, if I remember well, to somewhere in southern Asia, OGF geography may differ from Earth’s.

I hope someone have information on this subject.

Location: Mundarara, Longido, Région d'Arusha, Northern Zone, Tanzanie

How to create harbours ?

Posted by Portier on 22 September 2018 in French (Français).

I am a beginner on Opengeofiction, I am for a few days working on my own country (Free Republic of Limensophia, on the Uthyran coast, in the north of Tarephia), and I don’t know how to do harbours (I have tried to drive a line and tag it “harbour” but nothing appears on the map.) It is of course an obvious thing for many people here, and it is maybe not the good place for this kind of question, but if someone could answer, …