Tarephia Cooperation Council

Posted by Portier on 6 April 2019 in French (Fran├žais)

The government of the Free Principality of Sudharka (on the Uthyran coast, in eastern Tarephia), is willing to join the Tarephian Cooperation Council. The problem is that the ministry of Foreign Affairs isn't able to tell what should be done to become a member, who should be asked and what the exact conditions are. This is why this government is now asking this question to you (and also considering to fire the minister of the F.O., visibly unable to do his job).

Thanks in advance.

Location: -2,553, 36,476

Comment from Lyriax on 6 April 2019 at 20:22


I am the owner of Valaga, a state in the heart of Tarephia. It is fairly easy to join the TCC! Just put yourself into the member list on the wiki page:

Wiki Page

There are no conditions. You just need to be an owner of a country in Tarephia. If you want to introduce the Tare, the official currency of the TCC just put yourself into the list on the wiki page. If you want to discuss any topics, you can discuss it in the Talk section of the wiki page:

Talk Page

Hope I cleared out some questions!


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Comment from zhenkang on 6 April 2019 at 23:42

It isnt that difficult to join organisations, is there? Just add to the member list.

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