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Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 4 June 2017 in English (English)

Somewhere and somewhen I may have already written something about this: naming streets.

In my countries Řots and Wyster I of course complicated things by having introduced my own conlangs, which requires a lot of translation, e.g. Kermendegidu Vore in Nekkar (Řots) or the Bric sie Cepevard in Cervirc (Wyster) sound strange and unfamiliar, but they are merely the Stock Exchange Street resp. the Slaughterhouse Street.

In Wyster I added an English translation between brackets for the more important streets (e.g. Boolvar sie Eerbyc (Sunset Boulevard); maybe I will do so as well for similar streets in Řots.

Naming streets after objects and abstracts is one thing, but naming them after persons is another, especially when the enormous source of available famous persons that our earth has to offer, doesn't - necessarily - exist on the OGF planet. I worked on naming streets in Cervirc and Searpeg in Wyster today: the city quarter of Erdhe Bliesse ("Green Houses", I hope the names are visible yet; here it takes an awful lot of time until the map shows the changes I made) has streets named after scientists. I searched on the Wiki for names from all over the OGF world - btw I didn't pay attention if the persons I used are still alive, or controversial, or otherwise unsuitable to name a street after - so I managed to fill this quarter.

For the southern part of Fooc I started with composers (of classical music), but didn't get any farther than Toomas Pästoreiin, Franz Kleppenberg, Ernst Lumm, John Scoplin (I enjoyed reading about him btw), and Wystrian composer Peus Jinnyc (the street says 'Pus', but that's genitive case). So I need some more composers for at least twelve streets (if possible from different countries)! If you have them, I will gladly accept them :)

~Rasmus Rasmusson

Comment from Demuth on 4 June 2017 at 21:51

I really like your idea of naming streets for famous people. I need to do that more in Østermark. And I saw your street named for Caroline Lindentree! Nice to know she has some fame in Rots!

Anyway, I have a composer for you - Wiwaxian oboist (and composer) Clara Montford is one of Harkaway Conservatory of Music's most famous graduates (I cheated slightly, originally had her as merely an oboist but made her a composer as well).

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Comment from Rasmus Rasmusson on 4 June 2017 at 22:21

I think Lindentree was a AoN secretary general or something; that earns her the right of at least one street :)

For a hoboist it is perfectly plausible that she is also a composer: there are (at least on our earth) not many who write for this instrument (apart from where oboes are used in ensembles or orchestras) so if she has only a few outstanding works this could quickly let her earn international fame!

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Comment from Yuanls on 4 June 2017 at 22:45

There are quite a few roads in Glaster named after famous people. Most prominent is Fledneration Street, the first most integral highway in Glaster, named after Glastian president Genting Fledneration, who lead Glaster through the wars of the 1940s.

Other roads include Humphrey Davis Road in Ellemouth, who was the first governor of colonial South Glaster, Sonleca Jetteabi Way in Wyndham, named after the last president before unification. Aside from this, most other roads so far have been named after local figures, such as Anne Lee-Foster Road (First female governor in Glaster), Ferdinand Alexander Street (Some person I haven't decided on yet) and Robert Walton Road (Another undecided person, actually a character from the novel Frankenstein). There are quite a few 'easter eggs' as well (Such as a whole neighbourhood in Decton based on Strictly Come Dancing).

I've not put any names on the wiki in any great detail, because most local figures are too obscure and national figures need to wait until more mapping and historical detailing on the wiki is done. As I proceed into northern Glaster, I might consider naming streets in Wystrian speaking areas after famous Wystrians as well.

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Comment from Rasmus Rasmusson on 4 June 2017 at 23:05

Nice! I meant however worldwide famous people. Apart from the occasional Wystrian composer or scientist (or whatever profession) my intention is to name streets after generally famous people. I guess there is e.g. a W.A. Mozart street or a Ludwig van Beethoven or a Newton or an Einstein street in every odd town on earth (at least in Western Europe). Such people don't really exist/haven't been defined yet in the OGF world.

Regarding Glaster in Searpeg there are some streets named after Glastian towns - in their Wystrian translation though:

  • Deacet = Decton
  • Elsenc = Ellmouth
  • Coog Gast = Isle of Bovier
  • Giist = Bovier
  • Mylcet = Melton
  • Rycet = Reyston
  • Sceuthbidh = Scotwood
  • Wyndym = Wyndham
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Comment from Litvania on 5 June 2017 at 09:54

You can have Andrej Úhorek as a minor Litvanian composer.

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Comment from Rasmus Rasmusson on 5 June 2017 at 10:15

Thanks! He has been added.

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Comment from Myrcia on 5 June 2017 at 14:34

In Myrcia the naming convention is one echoed by your own name so coming up with the names of famous people is fairly easy (e.g. Mar Lewisson, Ren Rensdohtor, Marc Ericsson, Eric Marsson, Marc Marcsson, Eric Ericsson). I throw in the odd 'foreign' name for realism of course but having a convention like that helps.

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Comment from BMSOUZA on 7 June 2017 at 17:35

Recently I was needing the same thing, hehehe.

Because of this there are the streets Ivan Sacinski, Falco van Leeuwhoven, Homero Ibid, etc, in Barra da Grama oldest part.

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