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Posted by Sarepava on 23 December 2014 in English (English).

Hello all,

Having mentioned these in my last entry, thilo has now enabled sound files to be included on the wiki. Therefore, I am open to requests to compose and produce sound files of national anthems for as many countries that want them. Please send either a private message or reply below.


  • If you have words to your anthem or a title, please include these with your request, and indicate if any bits are repeated, if there is a chorus, etc. I can only produce instrumental versions of the anthem to go on the page, as I don’t possess the expensive software needed to synthesise vocal sounds. Anthems that do not have words are fine, but if you don’t include any I will assume I am free to write the tune as I like.

  • If you want, include what sort of style and speed you want the melody of the anthem to be. Most in the real world tend to be either a quick march (France, China), a hymn (Germany, Canada), or some kind of solemn procession (UK, Russia, North Korea). I would like the OGF anthems to be a bit more unique than the slow and generic dirges most countries have, but bear in mind that the melody should still be suitable for several thousand people to sing together at a coronation or football match, for example. Also bear in mind your anthem was most likely ‘written’ at the time your country was founded.

  • It’s currently the holidays, but as I am a teacher things get pretty busy once term starts again. Therefore please understand that your anthem could take some time to complete and synthesise. I will write them in the order that I receive them. Of course, if you’re really not happy with the result, you can say so and I’ll have another go. Also, if you really have no ideas about what you want your anthem to sound like, I can write some generic ones and let you pick one.

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Comment from Luciano on 24 December 2014 at 01:51

After reading your suggestion just now I was inspired to try to write a lyric for Ardisphere’s anthem. I often write poetry but have zero musical talent - so your offer was tempting. I made a draft very quickly just now - I may change the lyrics but I won’t change the metrics or pattern.

Castellanese-language poetry, like in most romance languages, is syllable-driven rather than “metric foot”-driven (as English poetry). So syllable counts guide the various poetic meters and styles. The Ardispheric anthem is based on the popular music style called “derongo” (or “rongo”) which (I guess) is an Ardispherian parallel to real-world tango.

For the anthem I have copied the syllabic counts from a tango (“Mi Buenos Aires Querido” music by Carlos Gardel), but then made my own lyrics. Thus the music should be something tango-like, fairly solumn, even sad (the lyrics are more love-song-for-a-country than patriotic march at this point) but maybe with something unexpectedly playful going on with accordions - anthems need more accordions! I am not sure really, I have no current preconception, so feel free. You needn’t follow any existing tango (certainly not Gardel’s from which I copied the lyric meter!) , innovation is welcome.

To help match up for composition, I placed formal syllable-counts at the start of each line, below. Odd-numbered syllable-count lines are accented on final syllable, even-numbered are accented on penult.

  • 8 Oh mi Ardesfera querido
  • 7 Tanto que quisiera ver
  • 8 ¿Podrás caer en olvido?
  • -
  • 11¡No! Que sepan todos volveré pa allí
  • 11 Pues sea por barco o sea por corzol
  • 11 Iré de regreso pa donde nací
  • 11 En alguna casa so el ardiente sol.
  • 11 Aquel Río Grande aquel Costa sé,
  • 11 Que podré ver todo el metrópoli rey.
  • 11 Ahora estás fija en mi corazón.
  • 11 Ahora te ruego escuchar mi canción.
  • -
  • 6 Capital florida…
  • 6 Ríos serpentinos…
  • 6 Las vías torcidas…
  • 5 En gran Caracol.
  • -
  • 6 Islas tormentosas…
  • 6 Los árboles verdes…
  • 6 Gente alborotosa…
  • 5 Insurrecto Sur.
  • -
  • 6 Las faunas fieras…
  • 6 Lagos infinitos…
  • 6 Colinas y tierras…
  • 5 Marverde Boreal.
  • -
  • 6 Cañones soleados…
  • 6 Volcanes tan altos…
  • 6 Páramos y llanos…
  • 5 Del Occidental
  • -
  • 11 Sé que hay los que hagan burla parlanchín
  • 11 De mi alojamiento de tanto querer
  • 11 Pero no me importa, tengo mi rocín
  • 11 Y puedo andarme hasta anochecer
  • 11 Por donde quisiera por donde no sé
  • 11 Por montes y valles a la Costa iré.
  • 11 Ahora estás fija en mi corazón.
  • 11 Ahora te ruego escuchar mi canción.
  • -
  • 8 Oh mi Ardesfera querido
  • 7 Tanto que quisiera ver
  • 8 ¿Podrás caer en olvido?

Comment from NE2 on 27 December 2014 at 05:31

Pink Floyd already recorded ‘Sheep’, the Woolonian national anthem. But the goats refuse to accept it.

Comment from BMSOUZA on 28 December 2014 at 15:05

You have been great, Sarepava!

I will think about two anthems (one to Gran Lusland and another to Cariocas Islands)

First I was thinking in only instrumental anthems, but I remember just the World Cup when the fans sing the anthem, The brasilian anthem is too long, and when is played, is played just a piece, and normally the fans sing all the rest of the anthem in football matchs (at least when the players “deserves” hehehe)

Now, I think in short anthems. Nothing big like brasilian. Short like French, may be.

When I write the (few) phrases, I will send a message to you!

Regards! Bruno Moreira

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