Massive error

Posted by Sarepava on 8 October 2015 in English (English).

Dear admins,

I have made a major cock-up when trying to move a section of Karolia to the new location and have not only flooded Archanta but also left great smudges of ways stretched halfway across the world. I’ve no idea how this happened but perhaps I tried to merge layers rather than copy the section and paste into new area. Please can you find some way to revert the map to the state it was in about two hours ago as I cannot fix it using either JOSM or any other means due to the size of the problem area. The changeset with all the problems is 128779. Thank you very much…

Comment from Luciano on 9 October 2015 at 00:45

I will attempt this … but because of the size a revert will run into problems with other people’s work. If a revert is not possible, we may have to do the hard, slow work of step-by-step repair…

Comment from Luciano on 9 October 2015 at 02:09

Revert appears to have been successful. I hit a few conflicts, but since they were limited to Karolian objects/territory, I simply overrode them. As a result, you may see a few ghosts, glitches or missing nodes in your restored data, but it mostly looks OK.

Let me know if you find anything really strange or problematic.

Comment from Sarepava on 9 October 2015 at 10:47

Massive thank you for fixing this. Everything seems okay at either end. I realise how this came about - normally I copy the old location objects into the new location layer and then drag them across the map before uploading the new location layer. But in this case I wanted to match with an existing object in the new location, so dragged them across the map without realising they were still attached to other ways and uploaded that by mistake, hence why part of the objects were connected in both hemispheres.

I hope to have the ‘new’ Karolia complete in the next few weeks.

Comment from Luciano on 9 October 2015 at 11:21

No worries. Happy to help. Happy mapping!

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