Karolia update

Posted by Sarepava on 22 October 2015 in English (English).

The move of Karolia to Uletha is almost complete tonight with the Santjana area relocated. Downloading small chunks and merging the layers did the trick, and then carefully rescaling and rotating to the new area. There are still some joins to fix and the task of creating new crossings over the much wider water between the city and Osmila, but this is relatively simple work. Other areas of the country such as Kyor and Sebee I will redraw from scratch as there was so little in the old locations it doesn’t matter to lose the sketches.

Other changes: Saarmae islands are larger and more spread out, existing as isolated rocky prominences that are on the same bedrock as the Taamras. The mountain range needs to be explained by a nearby thrust fault that also caused the gulfs on either side to be created.

Darcodia and Ispelia now have a rather long stretch of coastline that their owners would be welcome to elaborate. There’s also plenty of potential for cross-border road and rail tunnels, and ferries. I would very much like to make all the land borders more realistic too, mostly in mountain areas.

The motorway network will be largely revised to take into account new geography and landscape, as will much of the rail lines. Rivers too, to a lesser extent.

Users with airline maps can now update these to show the new location of Santjana and Vasireii. I appreciate this will cause work for you all, but the move I feel is in the interests of the community and will result vastly better in historical and cultural coherence with the rest of the world. Nearby countries now have access to piles of music, Finira automobiles, SAI jets, and as many double vowels as you want.

The ‘old’ Karolia I propose to return to blank and remove the ways and cities. The coast will be simplified but without removing any shipping lines. it might be nice to have this area as a former Karolian colony, now a developing country.

Comment from Luciano on 23 October 2015 at 02:16

Looks great. Impressive work to move and reconceptualize it all, and seems to be working out well. I think it might make sense to keep the Karolian presence in its old location - that would help us not having to change the historical relationship between Karolia and Ardisphere.

Comment from Demuth on 23 October 2015 at 05:52

Yes, looks great! A truly heroic effort - well, in OGF terms. And Østermark for one will definitely be getting its automobiles from Finira. And we’re not a very rich country - so you might want to consider a factory for parts in Mynninghamn? Wages are comparatively low, as are taxes!

Comment from Yiyi on 23 October 2015 at 09:18

Hi! Really a good job. But now there is a problem with boundaries in western Darcodia (see here). Is there someone who can resolve this problem? I think I could create great confusion.

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