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Posted by Sarepava on 10 January 2016 in English (English).

Hi all, I’d like your thoughts on something.

I have at present a motorway going from the south-west corner of Karolia, near Gorjee/Samacja up to the north, designated the A7. The road serves the towns of Masval and Lors and then state capital of Riispere, also an important tourist centre. My question is, should the motorway continue north? Although not the highest part of the Taamras mountains, the area is pretty undulating, has a lot of lakes and rivers, many natural landscapes and national parks, and isn’t particularly populated. Arguments for the road continuing are that the area is a big tourist attraction, and ski resort, and that Karolia needs a main road link to the country to the north, which could be reached through a tunnel or pass. Many alpine countries I’ve visited do have motorways in high-altitude and remote areas (ie the ‘Autoroute Blanc’ from Lyon to Geneva) but these are connecting main cities. As Zanyzzix isn’t very developed, I have no idea what I might be connecting north of the border.

Options I’m considering are:

  1. The A7 continues on its current course towards the border with minor alterations, and is kept to motorway standard with tunnels and bridges. Expensive, but Karolia has high taxes, and the economic benefits could be justified.
  2. The A7 is downgraded to a primary road at Pekkamu, and is twistier but keeps roughly its current course towards the border
  3. The road takes a course closer to Kiisjaarvi (the large lake, important tourist attraction) and may be downgraded for environmental sensitivity
  4. The road veers to the right towards Meridonia (which still takes it through mountain areas) and remains motorway to cross the border on flatter ground further east.

A couple of other things to mention: There will be a road (probably a primary road due to terrain) between Vasireii and Riispere via Taamra Osina, so no need to turn south. The highest parts of the mountains are in the (currently blank) area at the extreme east of the country. I am aware of some object errors from the move a few months ago. These are being corrected as I go.


Comment from histor on 10 January 2016 at 14:30

Why not a motorway Vasireii - Pekkamu and via Zaaltori to the border of Zanyzzix? The old motorway east of Pekkamu then can be a downgradesd trunk-road to the touristic highlights east of the great lake.

Comment from Myrcia on 10 January 2016 at 15:11

I went to have a look but I got distracted by how much I’d like to take the train from Rispiire to Pekkamu and beyond, it looks like such fun.

I could see some argument for having a motorway (and possibly a railway) there as part of a cross-continental trade route linking the coast in UL100 with the coast of Karolia as there is no maritime route across Uletha to connect north and south.

It will depend on how much traffic you expect to be generated by your northern neighbours and how much trade Karolia has with other nations in the area.

  • Adam

Comment from wangi on 10 January 2016 at 16:06

I’d say primary, but with 2+1 sections - for example climbing lanes.

Comment from Sarepava on 10 January 2016 at 20:13

I will build a motorway from Vasireii to this area, albeit a twisty one through the Taamras foothills. Karolia trades a lot with Ispelia and Vartisimulia as they’re all in a free-trade area, so important to link the port at Gorjee with the interior.

The narrow-gauge railway is called the Saisraud, and was originally built to serve the mining industry. Now it’s a big tourist attraction and allows tourists to reach the remote valleys and ski areas.

Comment from BMSOUZA on 10 January 2016 at 22:39

Hi, Sarepava! Sorry, I dont have a opinion about the motorway, I just want to say, as Adam (Myrcia), I would love travel from Pekkamu to Rispiire by train!

¯_(ツ)_/¯ ‏

Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 11 January 2016 at 01:25

Hi Sarepava! I would say no, there doesn’t need to be a motorway to the north. There is nothing to connect with. A primary route, maybe, to ski resorts etc, but could this go the other way by Kiisjaarvi , rather than through the mountains? Then you could have some rather beautiful remote valleys to the north with minor roads and small settlements, somewhat cut-off from the rest of the country and with a special feel to them. Maybe later, if you spent time on them and they got bigger, come back with a bigger road. Anyway, just some thoughts, Also love the railway. Cheers. Udi. And I have to ask, Bruno, what is your signature - if it is a signature?

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