Posted by Sarepava on 21 March 2016 in English (English).

Elhadia (former location of Karolia) is now open for any user to edit. However, please consult with me before making any big changes like new cities and large objects.

You can read about the country’s history and other background here: Elhadia is an ex-Karolian colony and had a dictatorship following independence. The flavour of the map will be sub-Saharan Africa, a mixture of European colonial, traditional West African and Arab influences. Language is invented but should sound African.

The country is mostly desert, with some mountains in the north, and a little savannah and tropical forest close to the coastline. Many rivers and lakes are seasonal, there are also salt pans and oasis.

The main industries are the mining of iron ore, coal, copper and gold, as well as some rare metals like tantalum (used to make smartphones) and uranium. Agriculture growing fruits and goat herding are still widely practiced.

Elhadia is one of the poorest countries in the world and the infrastructure should reflect this. There are no motorways and only a few dual-carriageway highways around the main cities. Country roads are only in good repair when used by mining vehicles regularly. Railways are almost all used for freight. There are shanty towns and slums surrounding all main cities. Please, please, don’t slap yet another USA grid city with skyscrapers and motorway tunnels and a subway here, it doesn’t belong. There are a few modern buildings, even quite tall ones, in the capital, but mostly post-colonial layout of cities (which will mean a grid, just with a small block size)

Any small objects left from the old Karolia can be deleted.

Comment from isleño on 22 March 2016 at 18:23

This may sound bad, but I’m always happy to see another poor country in the OGF world. :-)

I’ve started a wiki page for an international organization called the “Developing Nations Forum” which is open to all low-income/developing countries. I’ve added Elhadia there, if that’s okay.

The main point of the organization is really just so we can get a sense of which countries are low-income/developing and where they’re located, so anyone with this type of country should please go ahead and add it to the member list.

There’s also a list of former members, so if your country may have been considered low-income/developing anytime since 1968 (but not today) you can choose to add it there instead.


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