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Posted by Sarepava on 23 November 2016 in English (English).

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with 3D printing a model of a Karolian train. You can read all about it on my own ‘bliki’:

On a vaguely related note, I sold my first 3D-printed item on my Etsy shop today too.

Comment from Thunderbird on 23 November 2016 at 02:46

Hey, that’s awesome! Maybe you could make some OGF related stuff for us, if I could think up some custom designs maybe I could buy some from you. Feel free to send me a link to your store.

Comment from histor on 23 November 2016 at 08:58

Wow - looks good.

Comment from eklas on 23 November 2016 at 19:51

This is so cool.

Comment from niels20020 on 23 November 2016 at 20:07

Looks very cool. Wish I had a 3D printer too

Comment from BelpheniaProject on 24 November 2016 at 22:55

Looks very cool!

Comment from Ernestpkirby on 27 November 2016 at 06:22


Comment from Marcello on 28 June 2017 at 19:34

hi Sarepava,

I just read your article and associated bliki today, so I am a bit late, but I just want to ask one question- well two really. First: what scale is your tram in ? It looks to be kind of ‘H0’ or ‘00’ but I could not find any definitive info. Second: what soft- and hardware do you use?

looking sooo good !

with respect,


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