Names of Places and Roads.

Posted by TheAquaBarron on 12 March 2019 in English (English)
  Before I get started the Mostock Area Project just west of Hybrid Springs has been both fun and stressful. 

I know what shape I want these areas to be but I literally struggle with naming areas and roads. And yes, I have resorted to the real world for help. One of the biggest rules of Opengeofiction is to always have a creative name, but I struggle in that department. I have always liked designing maps that probably would never come to life but at that stage I could imagine the name of roads and what the shield would look like, But recently it has all been coming to a halt. And here's a few examples of the real world coming to my OGF mapping.

Route A1A, Mostock, Watamak, Commonia: Surrey St. In real life, Surrey St serves as a spur route to LA 728 in Lafayette, LA.

Route 339, Loxley, Watamak, Commonia: Chemin Agreadable RD. In real life, Chemin Agreadable serves as the SPUR Route for LA 339 in Youngsville, LA.

Route 99, Slavuytch, Watamak, Commonia: Caffery St. Otherwise in the real world as Ambassador Caffery PKWY (LA 3073) in Lafayette Parish, LA.

Route 89E and onward, Mostock and Slavuytch, Watamak, Commonia: Kaliste Saloom Rd. Serves as unsigned LA 3095 in Lafayette, LA.

Loxely: Name based off of Loxely, Alabama. Slavutych: Name based off of Slavuytch, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. Volga: River in Russia. Duga: Radar in the Chernobyl Zone......

I could go on and on, but the list would be the longest thing ever. If you have any comments, Go right ahead, I am open to criticism and we are all friends here....

21.965, 149.7196 .... These are the cords for the area, Enjoy the orderly chaos that is this region

Location: 21.965, 149.720

Comment from AustinofOketia on 12 March 2019 at 06:36

I would suggest giving roads historic names; Jetty Road, for example, could be for the beach. You could name roads after people that had influence in the area, Nature, important dates (common in Arabic style cities, e.g. Cairo) You could always type random keyboard letter combinations and see what you like, obviously making sure that it isn't completely just keyboard pounding. You should make sure the ba. (That is how I name a lot of my streets) Happy mapping!

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Comment from MOI N on 12 March 2019 at 22:11

I Struggle with creative road names too. I Made Real Street Names Into Thai Streets .

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Comment from Ramasham on 13 March 2019 at 18:40

I have a spreadsheet with lists of the names of my country’s prime ministers, other prominent historical figures, major rivers and mountains, provinces, cities and larger towns, universities, national parks, maybe a couple of other things.

I also have lists of the plants and animals that live in my part of the world (to make this I mixed real West African plants and animals with some names generated by FantasyNameGenerators, here’s one of their generators I used:

When I’m naming the smaller streets in a new town I’ll usually just grab one of these lists and cycle through it. That’s both plausible and helpful to make the town feel uniquely like it belongs in my country and nowhere else. I always pick custom names for tertiary roads and above, though, to make sure each town is distinct from others.

All that still means I had to come up with a lot of names, but I only had to do it one time! Hope that is helpful.

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