(Re-)Introducing Seneppi

Posted by TheMayor on 27 April 2021 in English (English)

The collaborative state of Seneppi

On behalf of my fellow state coordinator Ernestpcosby, we are happy to invite mappers to join Seneppi, the Midwestern U.S.-themed collaborative state in the Federal States of Archanta. Seneppi -- which includes the former state of Walkegan -- represents a broad cross-section of mapping inspired by the Great Lakes region of the United States, including the following areas:

  • Wallawaukee, a modern major FSA city located on the shores of the largest of the FSA's Grand Lakes;
  • Gramercy and Clinton, two aging cities that were historically the headquarters of the FSA's auto manufacturing industry but more recently have found themselves as part of the FSA's "Rust Belt";
  • the Lake City suburbs, highly auto-oriented suburban sprawl oriented along several trunk highways and motorways radiating out from Lake City;
  • Finch Hill, a small master-planned city that will serve as Seneppi's new state capital;
  • Gleason, an older river-based city that has reinvented itself as a regional educational and health care hub;
  • and more!

We are seeking mappers who are interested in helping to map one of these urban areas, or who would be interested in adopting a more rural county with small towns and a strong agricultural presence. If you are interested in this Midwestern-style collaborative project, please reach out to myself or Ernestpcosby.

About the FSA

The Federal States of Archanta (FSA) is one of the OGF community's largest collaborative efforts to date, with dozens of mappers working together to map one of the OGF world's modern superpowers. While the project has historically been based on the United States and southern Canada, we strive to use North America only as an inspiration and the FSA continues to evolve with its own unique culture and style. Mappers are welcome to participate in the project in one of three ways:

More information regarding the FSA project can be found on the FSA Dashboard.

Happy mapping!


Location: -41.857, 144.135

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