(Re-)introducing Mecyna

Posted by The_Cute_Chick on 1 May 2021 in English (English)

Mecyna 2.0

Mecyna is the second supervised open collaborative territory in OpenGeofiction (OGF) (indicated blue on the OGF:Territory overview map). All mappers are welcome to contribute! However unlike other blue territories, there are no restrictions as to what can or cannot be mapped outside of 2 rules:

  1. The OGF rules apply (as it does elsewhere on OGF); and
  2. Mapping must not be deleted.

This means:

  • mapping your large metropolis;
  • implementing your visions to what has already been mapped [without it being destructive to existing mapping]; or
  • connecting settlements with motorways, railways, and/or rivers (links are tips to drawing them well).

My role as co-ordinator includes helping new users improve their mapping and making the territory more coherent. New users editing in the territory are also free to contact me for mapping or mapping-related technical assistance (such as with using the iD (the in-browser editor) and JOSM editors.

See the co-ordination page for more details:

1/5/21 Mecyna

Happy mapping and the 1st of May!

–TCC, co-ordinator of Mecyna

Location: -24.774, 144.915

Comment from infinatious on 1 May 2021 at 02:12

Might as part of the Mecyna 2.0 project we want to rename Phoenix? The real life Phoenix seems too large/well-known to also be a major city in OGF.

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