I'm back (after yet another break)

Posted by UltraWorlds on 12 January 2018 in English (English)

Hello everyone, I am happy to return to the beautiful world of OGF, and I already started working on some places, particularly the Sanelta Islands as well as a new island. I want to complete the islands before I begin to work on the bigger island, so feel free to tell anything that looks wrong or out of place.

Thanks, Ultra

Comment from Marcello on 15 January 2018 at 08:59

You're getting there; I like how you try to make a small islands' atmosphere and that you have added some appropriate natural features, but you have some work to do:

First, on Lanufa Island, Mont Chierra is marked to be 600m. high. As the island is small, the top of the hill is only 500 - 750m. from the coast, meaning that any road leading straight up to the top (as Translafuna Road does) has a almost 90 degrees incline... I think your car drivers will hate you for this.

Second, the space between roads is a bit small in places. In Sora-Malania, for instance, most blocks are no larger than 20 by 20 metres, which should be exception rather than rule.

Third, I could hardly find 10 building on all of your property that were decently rectangular. It may be that your natives have developed their own, quite typical, building style; but it might just be easier to use the 'make rectangular' tool for most (all ?) buildings you make. I know it's a hassly (I made a good 2000 so far), but it looks really better.

But overall, the islands are nice and cozily small, and could be detailed in not too long a time. The result could be really worth it.

happy mapping !


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