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Posted by Yuanls on 16 August 2016 in English (English)

Agarderia is undergoing a civil war, which has been largely won by the new government established by Glaster with the aid of the AN. The source of the conflict originated in the 20th century which is outlined below.

  1. Agarderia was a right wing democratic nation which transitioned to a dictatorship in the 1930s. It then became very close to the Commonian fascist government.
  2. Commonia propped up Agarderia against communism for much of the early 40s. A failed communist revolt lead to the displacement of the native Agarderian government with one directly controlled by Commonia in January 1945.
  3. A large communist revolution in spring 1945 lead to a year long civil war. Glastian communists invaded and occupied east Agarderia, depriving the fascists of their fuel storages in the country.
  4. The communists had won the war by 1946 and had set up a new government. In 1947, a large number of Glastian communist troops and civilians fled to the still occupied Glastian Agarderia.
  5. Glastian Agarderia was made a semi-autonomous body in the new Socialist Agarderia. Glastian Agarderia housed Glaster's communist government-in-exile.
  6. After crippling economic trouble and a bout of hyperinflation in the mid 1980s, Agarderian communism ended in 1986 with a transferral to democracy.
  7. Failing to address the problem with Agarderian neo-communists based in Glastian Agarderia, the country descended into civil war once again in 1998. From 2003 to 2007, Agarderia was an AN mandate.
  8. Glaster and Agarderia have managed to cut off GA's access to the sea. Most trade with the rogue nation has stopped, but owing to its small population, it is able to minimally support itself.
  9. Agarderia has decided to leave the country in isolation rather than deciding to invade it. Currently both the outlawed Agarderian communist party and the Glastian communist government-in-exile are stationed there.

Some possible points to discuss:

What relations your country has with Agarderia, Glastian Agarderia, Glaster or any of the previous governments of the respective nations.

How many countries recognise Agarderia as a legitimate entity.

How the AN and other organisations have reacted to the Agarderian situation.

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Comment from Leowezy on 18 August 2016 at 12:03

I think the reason not many people are replying here (including me being very hesitant), is that this is quite overwhelming at first glance. I think I got the main ideas and events you laid out, but I'm simply not sure how my country would, if at all, interact with this (besides the compulsory diplomatic peace statement). I think though that this is a good sign that the conflict you laid out is very believable, because it's not completely clear at first sight, just like in the real world.

If I got your explanation right, I'm pretty sure only communists nations in OGF would accept Glastian Agarderia as a sovereign state, perhaps including its territorial claims over Agarderia as a whole. All others would probably recognize Agarderia, with GA being seen as either a defected territory of Agarderia or (if that is Agarderias official stance) just as a anarchic area of civil war that has to be pacified by the AN. IF we have any communist block in OGF however, they would most likely veto any such attempts in the AN.

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Comment from Yuanls on 19 August 2016 at 04:53

You're right on how partially recognised states are a hard topic to get around! I agree, really only communist states would be willing to recognise Glastian Agarderia. I don't see many communist nations in the present day, the sole one being Ataran. I guess I'll keep Agarderia's status ambiguous for the time being.

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