GIF malfunction on OGF wiki

Posted by Yuanls on 2 October 2016 in English (English)

For some reason a gif I uploaded does not render on OGF. The file can be accessed perfectly well and the full picture can be used on my wiki page about the Agarderia-Karamsk War. However, if I make the picture any smaller, an error message pops up, as shown here. A slightly different error message appears for the actual image, which is here. I uploaded it again as 'Agarderia War', yet the same message appears.

Does anybody know what is wrong with the file and what can be done to solve it?

Agarderia-Karmamsk War

Comment from Pawl on 3 October 2016 at 15:24

My guess is that this is one for Thilo ... a problem on the server rather than with your file. But I could be wrong!

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Comment from thilo on 3 October 2016 at 16:14

Seems to be fixed now. I had to modify a memory size setting in the Mediawiki configuration file.

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Comment from Yuanls on 3 October 2016 at 20:06

Thanks for that! It's working now.

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Comment from PColumbus73 on 13 October 2016 at 01:35

Very nice graphic! I would suggest adding labels to your GIF. My first impression was that this was a map showing shoreline changes.

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Comment from Yuanls on 13 October 2016 at 23:32


Thanks! I was considering adding labels but as the picture will only go on the wiki page the caption and legend are provided there.

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