Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert

Posted by antoon on 29 September 2021 in Dutch (Nederlands).

Hello all,

For backup and analysis i used to download the OGF backup-file and convert it with Osmconvert to clip it to my territory and make it an osm-file. I did this a few times a year and never had problems with it. But now i find the converted files to miss objects.

My first question is on the location of of the OGF backup files. I used to visit the page: but that now gives a Routing Error. From there i looked further and came to the following page: Is this new page the place to find the backup-files on the OpenGeofiction data?

The second question is about Osmconvert and if there have been updates on this in the past years. The version i used till now, i probably downloaded somewhere in 2015 from this page on the OpenStreetmap-site. I just tried to download it again, but two out of three Windows-links don’t work and the third leads to a Russian page that doesn’t feel right to me. Do others have encountered strange things with using Osmconvert when converting backup-files from the last month? Or does anyone know where i can download the latest Osmconvert to see if my problems can be solved?

Thanks in advance, Antoon

Comment from Luciano on 29 September 2021 at 16:03


Yes, you found the new backups page.

I should make an edit to the site routes file so that the old link works correctly. That’s a mistake and oversight on my part - sorry.

For osmconvert. In ubuntu linux (my desktop and server systems), osmconvert is easy: sudo apt install osmctools

And it works beautifully.

For other operating systems, I can’t say. I suspect you’d have to download a binary for Windows and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I don’t even know how you should proceed.

Comment from Luciano on 29 September 2021 at 16:12

Additional observation:

Depending on how comfortable you are with working with code, you can download the source code and compile it for yourself. This is apparently the github repository for osmconvert:

Comment from antoon on 30 September 2021 at 17:28

Hello Luciano,

Thanks for your quick response and good to know i was on the right page for the latest backups. As for Osmconvert i don’t have linux and have no experience on code. I’m very happy working in Windows and using the ‘binary?’ for Windows.

Just know i did a retry by first downloading the latest backup-file (ogf-planet.osm.pbf) in stead of one a few days old. Now i think that may have caused the problem with missing objects after converting, as the naming is different that maybe there are some differences in the file-structure too? At least after clipping and converting the .pbf-file to an .osm-file and opening it in JOSM it looks good, with all the latest edits i have made the past months.

So for now my problem seems solved.


Comment from Luciano on 30 September 2021 at 18:48


There IS a problem with backup files, sometimes.

Thilo’s OGF was having the same problem, though with less frequency.

Sometimes the backup file is getting made “incomplete.” You can see it clearly if you look closely at the file sizes.

Basically, don’t trust a backup file that is substantially smaller than the previous day’s.

I’m still not sure what’s causing this problem, and so I don’t know the solution. It’s definitely an important problem to solve.

Comment from antoon on 1 October 2021 at 14:15

Hello Luciano,

Thanks again for answering so quickly. It makes sense that a smaller file has fewer objects, so there is potentially something wrong with it. Checking on the size is also easy, so yes: something to look for before downloading and converting it.

One last question then: also in the screenshot you posted i see the two last files have the same date and size, only a different name. Is that the only difference? Or are there some differences in the files themselves too, reason for it to be double?


Comment from Luciano on 1 October 2021 at 15:33


The last file is a duplicate of the one right before it. The difference is only the name - the last file has a generic name, always the same, and guaranteed to be the most recent snapshot. It was being used for the coastline update for the render, before we got the overpass server working. It might be used for such things in the future so I haven’t changed the process that creates it.

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