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Relation area calculator.

Posted by Marcello on 14 September 2021 in Dutch (Nederlands).

A superb tool devised by Thilo which I use to fix relations rather than really calculate their area, to be honest. But my bookmarked page goes to a ‘Not Found’ currently. Did I miss something ?

Route relations (an AustinHuang invention, I thought) shows up a blank page. I hope both are easily fixed by redirecting as I both like them very much.


Elevation/altitude map of Řots

Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 30 August 2015 in Dutch (Nederlands).

Based on deltanz’s elevation map of Neo Delta, I created a provisional one for Řots. Provisional, since I have four neighbours who may want to have a say in it - and this made me wonder if there is a way to contact several users all at once, or at least draw their attention all at once and then talk on e.g. the wiki talk pages?

Something else I noticed (which hasn’t anything to do with the above), but some supermarkets were added to Řots’s capital Nekkar without my knowledge or consent, so I removed them. Adding/changing things to/in Řots is always negotiable, but I’d like to be involved.

Het is me opgevallen dat er een paar supermarkten waren toegevoegd aan Nekkar, de hoofdstad van Řots, zonder dat ik daarvan afwist of daarvoor toestemming heb gegeven, dus ik heb ze weggehaald. Er kan altijd onderhandeld worden over het toevoegen/veranderen van dingen aan/van Řots, maar ik word daar graag bij betrokken.

J’ai remarqué que des supermarchés avaient été ajoutés à Nekkar, la capitale du Řots, sans ma connaissance ou mon accord, donc je les ai enlevé. On peut toujours négocier des changements/ajouts du/au Řots, mais j’aimerais en savoir.

Coastline flooding

Posted by Sil on 4 March 2015 in Dutch (Nederlands).

I’m new here, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not long after I made some changes to the coastline the entire continent of Archanta is flooded. Now, I had done some reading up on coastlines beforehand and only added a bunch of nodes.

After the flooding, I used to check if something had gone wrong, but thilo’s broken-coastline-node thing only highlighted a node on someone else’s coastline (in the east of AR045). IIRC there was an end node and a starting node which weren’t positioned right on top of each other. I put them together and merged the two lines.

Thing is, I don’t know what happens when the 2000 node limit is exceeded and now I’m kinda afraid merging the nodes may even have complicated the flooding.

I don’t know wether I am at fault here or what is causing the flooding, but if I am I want to apologize and hopefully someone more experienced is able to solve the problem.