Golden Delta Film Festival

Posted by deltanz on 18 September 2016 in English (English)

Hello, folks! I've been thinking about more cultural activities for our countries to be involved into, so I decided to create a film festival that will be hosted by Neo Delta, in the city of Ezajun, the capital of cinema in Neo Delta.

Each and every country is invited to submit up to 3 films of any type of genre. Submissions should be made by commenting is the comment section of this post and they will be taken into the future wiki page of the festival. The categories will include Best Film, Best Main Actress, Best Main Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Music, Best Animated Movie and Best Documentary.

The requirements are simple. Each submission should provide at least the name of the film and the genre (besides the country of origen). Of course other sort of information is welcome, and it will increase the chances that the film wins some of the categories.

The following are two examples with the minimum amount of information, and with the suggested information:


  1. FILM: The Mountain of The Butterfly

  2. GENRE: Drama

  3. COUNTRY: Neo Delta


  1. FILM: Fire in the Woods

  2. GENRE: Adventure

  3. MAIN ACTOR: Mart Juteg-Lipe

  4. MAIN ACTRESS: Sanna Huje-Bulao

  5. SUPPORTING ACTOR: Sentin Karo-Gert

  6. MUSIC: The Windows Never Close

  7. DIRECTOR: Same Orahe-Tert

  8. SYNOPSIS: A group of friends is lost is a jungle when they find ancient secrets that take them to a world of incredible adventures

  9. COUNTRY: Neo Delta

I would personally encourage synopsis, so that we'd know more about your film! So, this is it, let me know what you think! Suggestions are more than welcome!

Location: Servip, Ezajun, Nospring, Ezza Ojonan, Neo Delta

Comment from Leowezy on 18 September 2016 at 10:16

I assume the festival accepts non-Ingerish films with subtitles ;)

FILM: Hyansen so Felwe ("The Troubles of Peace")


MAIN ACTOR: Ansho Kiro-Tanlung



MUSIC: Dāsur ("Heat")

DIRECTOR: Mounai Yoyósae

SYNOPSIS: In an at first glance utopian future (~2080), the main character discovers that the government drugs it citizens by adding chemical admixtures to the drinking water. She then goes on to discover that the "peace" everyone is enjoying might not be that peaceful after all...


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Comment from eklas on 18 September 2016 at 10:44

This is an amazing idea! For Drabantia, I'm nominating:

  • FILM 1:
  • GENRE: Dramedy (Tragicomedy)
  • MAIN ACTOR: Kryštof Kajetán
  • MAIN ACTRESS: Kristýna Hošková
  • SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Karolína Klimešová
  • MUSIC: Láska Je Fet
  • DIRECTOR: Eduard Květák
  • SYNOPSIS: Sarah (K. Hošková) is a popular Playday star and a beauty vlogger. She lives in a mansion and spends her days drinking latté with her girlfriends (K. Klimešová, M. Rozsypalová). She has a collection of luxurious handbags, a handsome boyfriend (K. Kajetán), the life many of her tween fans dream about. Yet one day she starts wondering: "is this really what I want?" The camera watches as her life falls apart... or does it?
  • COUNTRY: Drabantia
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Comment from eklas on 18 September 2016 at 10:45

oh, and the title is "Long Live the Queen"

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Comment from kingfries on 18 September 2016 at 11:04

Film Nr 1:

FILM: Where are you, my brother?

GENRE: Drama

MAIN ACTOR: Maurice Freeman

MAIN ACTRESS: Tiara Picker


MUSIC: To Find Ones Luck Is Hard

DIRECTOR: Christopher Wallace

SYNOPSIS: A young, black man starts his journey to find his brother that his family lost during the outbreak of the West Commonian Independence War. He travels around the world hunting after traces of his brother to track him down.

COUNTRY: Pasalia

Film Nr 2:

FILM: Exit 41

GENRE: Horror

MAIN ACTOR: Luke Schnider

MAIN ACTRESS: Yasu Yamaguchi

SUPPORTING ACTRESSES: Ellie Plower, Kim Headings, Julia Liver

MUSIC: The Danger Which Lies Beneath Us

DIRECTOR: Mark Neubauer

SYNOPSIS: A group of 5 teenagers are exploring old tunnel- and bunkersystems and become trapped in the dark. They must try to fight their way out and defeat dangers like groups of psychopaths, child rapists and other outcasts who call this dark world their home.

COUNTRY: Pasalia

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Comment from Yuanls on 18 September 2016 at 11:17

FILM: The Reds are Rising

GENRE: Action, horror

MAIN ACTOR: Gessen Hammole

MAIN ACTRESS: Robyn Hillyer


MUSIC: Over the Infinite

DIRECTOR: Steven Tucker

SYNOPSIS: in 1946, a botched Commonian bioweapon experiment is set loose on Agarderia and Glaster. A team is sent in to contain the outbreak but discover the situation is more than they could handle...

COUNTRY: Glaster

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Comment from Ernestpcosby on 18 September 2016 at 13:20

FILM: AgentNude

GENRE: Comedy, Family

MUSIC: Quentinsburgh City Orchestra

SYNOPSIS: Carleigh, a college-aged nudist, and Henry, her less-confident but supportive best friend, get accepted into the prestigious Lorrette Nudist University. Little did they know that the 'university' was actually a secret agency! As newly admitted agents, they find themselves setting out to defeat the evil textile-industry baron Threadmore, who has bee manipulating people's body-image and self esteem to make them buy more of his clothes.

COUNTRY: Freedemia

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Comment from deltanz on 18 September 2016 at 17:44

@Leowezy Of course films in different languages are accepted, haha!

Hey, guys, thank you for your submissions, I'm creating a wiki page with the nominations right now (! I'm really impressed with the great and original stories you suggested for your films! :D

So, for the nominations, genres like dramas and comedies will usually be nominated for acting and screenplay awards. Other films, like adventure, action, horror and sci-fi will usually be more lucky with technical awards, such as editing, visual effects, etc.

Good luck to you all! :)

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Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 18 September 2016 at 18:49

Great stuff again,

I'll get in touch some time about some retrospective awards (for films already in the wiki).

For this year:

FILM: Hlör e lahlohlos ukală xco ('He walked along the road')

GENRE: Foreign language film (action drama)

COUNTRY: Co-production (Shadze-Ma/Kėzėpölān)

(Nominated for visual effects & cinematography only in main categories)

SYNOPSIS: A man goes on a pilgrimage to Mlejnas. He doesn't know that that the gods are fighting each other to prevent him reaching his goal.

FILM: Raash

GENRE: Drama (Kishōtenketsu)

COUNTRY: Gobrassanya

ACTOR: Noko Ram

DIRECTOR: Dela Hinds


(nominated for best actor, best director, best screenplay)

SYNOPSIS: A boy is bullied in school. He becomes a film critic.

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Comment from Demuth on 18 September 2016 at 18:52

  • FILM: The Unspeakable Distance of the Stars

  • GENRE: Science Fiction

  • MAIN ACTOR: Halvard Scholfield as Second-Lieutenant Steve Graydon

  • MAIN ACTRESS: Lucette Harms as Captain Elsa DeMeyer

  • SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Matilda Warner as Colonel Liza Lipscomb

  • MUSIC: Out of the Cold

  • DIRECTOR: Hermia Vance Gibbons

  • SYNOPSIS: On a hopeless quest to find a habitable planet following a nuclear holocaust, Second-Lieutenant Steve Graydon of the spaceship Corydon falls in love with his oblivious superior, Captain Elsa DeMeyer, to the amusement of second-in-command Colonel Liza Lipscomb, who makes Graydon's life miserable. Hilarity ensues before true love wins out. Then the Corydon crash lands on the planet Skelter, killing all but Graydon, DeMeyer and Lipscomb who are enslaved by the ectoplasmic inhabitants until Graydon saves them by pretending to seduce the ectoplasmic leader who lets them free, which gains him Lipscomb's respect at last, while DeMeyer manages to get the Corydon back up and running. The movie ends with Graydon adoringly watching DeMeyer as she pilots them to an unknown future.

  • COUNTRY: Wiwaxia

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Comment from Demuth on 18 September 2016 at 19:03

P.S. Great idea, Diogo! It's great to get some more cultural global initiatives like this. And it brings out the imp in me ;-)

P.S.S. the Wiwaxian entry may be science fiction, but it's also a comedy-drama.

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Comment from clik on 18 September 2016 at 19:18

•FILM: Palamojan ("Soulmates")

•GENRE: Drama

•MAIN ACTRESSES : Gorgea Lesnê, Kjara Elan

•SUPPORTING ACTOR: Maro Kalitamedis

•MUSIC: Prosjexai

•DIRECTOR: Elerika Lodranisti

•SYNOPSIS: In 1968, two young women, Janea from Egani and Delfin from Vatofarê meet by chance in northern Sathria during their cycling journey around the world. But they realize with the time spent together that there is more than friendship starting between them. Time flies and they are called back in their respective country. The pain of distance and the conservationist governments and society will force them to survive through injustice and the void in their hearts.

•COUNTRY: Vatofarê - Egani

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Comment from niels20020 on 18 September 2016 at 19:20

This is a nice idea! Here's my nomination:

  • FILM: Hermano Mathías
  • GENRE: Drama
  • MUSIC: Mentiras
  • SYNOPSIS: Atila Melgar and his sister Hilen find an old family photo in a photo album they inherit of their deceased parents. On the photo are their parents, they and an unknown other boy. They can't remember anything of him and start to find out who he is. They discover he is working for a laboratory, somewhere in Kartumia and decide to go there and meet him...
  • COUNTRY: Balonis

(note: only nominated for Best Music)

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Comment from Portopolis on 18 September 2016 at 19:27

FILM: A Long Way from Bhagurah GENRE: Amateur/ Documentary

MAIN ACTOR: Sohkam Ek Adsa-Goodson

MAIN ACTRESS: Akira Ek Adsa Goodson


MUSIC: Mostly a Collection of Music from Demba Ruomokali's Computer. Main Songs: "Car Keys"- A100φz (A Hunna Poundz/ A hundred pounds) "These Days"- (post-humous) By Reggie Banga and Reggie Banga Jr.

DIRECTOR: Demba Ruomokali

SYNOPSIS: A teenage boy and his twelve year-old sister meet Demba Ruomokali when he is filming street life in Subaga for a University project. They try to rob him but Demba is also a sprinter for his University. When trying to find the parents of these children, not wanting the police to get involved he finds out that their homeless. Heads collide as Demba and his new acquaintances travel from island to island trying to find relatives that are willing to take them in. (A Movie Review Website)- "Absolutely astonishing and depressing, you will be crying your hearts out after the first two minutes."

COUNTRY: Lallemand

SETTING: Lallemand, Cariocas, Goytakanya

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Comment from clik on 18 September 2016 at 19:59

PS: Palamojan (eganian movie) is inspired from a real story.

•FILM 2: Pau i maska (beneath the mosque)

•GENRE: Drama - Comedy

•MAIN ACTOR: Idrik Garlemesto

•MAIN ACTRESS: Jivia Doneson

•MUSIC: Pětaludia eni galatsi (Butterfly in the lunchbox)

•DIRECTOR: Alani Kepatremei-Patran

•SYNOPSIS: A woman lives in a poor district of Niscavo suburb and her husband is cheating on her. She works in a small office and everyday she gets a lunchbox from him who works as a cook in a cafeteria. One day, the enterprise that delivers the lunchboxes mistakes the adress and she starts getting lunchboxes from a man who works as a cook in the underground under the Mosque. They will get to know each other through daily messages and plan to flee from Niscavo together.

•COUNTRY: Niscavo

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Comment from Portopolis on 19 September 2016 at 14:29

FILM: 顎に矢印 (Arrow to Chin)

GENRE: Animation

MAIN ACTOR: Ichiro Gantagei (Voice Actor)

MAIN ACTRESS: Savanna Kage (Voice Actor)

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Oluafemi Ando (Voice Actor)

MUSIC: 夜間竹 (The Nocturnal Bamboos)

ANIMATOR: Akaito Amasuki (Company named after dead animator)

SYNOPSIS: Another awaited Akaito Amasuki production (they release 3-7 movies a year). This movie shows Arrow a young girl and Chin a Barukai (A card monster). An adventure through the world of Gorra. Arrow journeys from town to town and eventually grow together to be more powerful adding more and more traits to Chin. Her goal is to become the first female Baru-Master. This is mostly a comedy. COUNTRY: Hoppon

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Comment from deltanz on 19 September 2016 at 17:19

Wow, guys, so many awesome films, I'm really happy with all the submissions!!! And special thanks to the first Documentary and Animated Film submited!!! :DDD

I decided to add 4 more categories - Best Music Score (and changed the Best Music to Best Song), Best Sound Effects, Best Costume and Best Makeup and Hairstyling, so that more films can get awards!

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Comment from dono87 on 19 September 2016 at 21:09

FILM: L'Été Dernier À Marienbad (Last Summer in Marienbad)

GENRE: Horror / Fantasy

MAIN ACTOR: Zacharie Cosseux



SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Susanne McMurray (Wiwaxia)

MUSIC: Avant l'Aube (Before Dawn, instrumental)

DIRECTOR: Rolande Mahurin (First horror movie nomination by female Ataraxian director)

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends from the Université du Val-de-Marien in Stanleyville goes camping / hunting for a weekend in the Domaine National du Penaigre near Marienbad. They soon find themselves hunted, perhaps by a mythical creature that is said to inhabit the swamps / wetlands of the national park. Losing track of time, direction and reality, they are drawn deeper into the swamp by the strange and grotesque clues they find. The experience leads to existential questions - Can they trust each other, or even their own senses? Is the beast real or a fiction of their imaginations? Will they make it out alive?

COUNTRY: Ataraxia

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