Request for mapping advice

Posted by iBallasticwolf2 on 9 June 2020 in English (English)

I have recently returned to mapping my FSA state of Wilthamshire, and I have made progress mapping the state's largest locale, New Annshire. However, I have had trouble trying to develop realistic industrial areas. Histor mapped a realistic railway system in my city while I was absent from OGF for several months, which has certainly made it easier, but I still find mapping factories and warehouses a weak point of mine. If you look on the eastern side of my city (, you can see industrial areas that I have planned along the train tracks, and I would like feedback and advice on how I can develop these areas realistically.

Another issue I have had is how I can realistically map my city when accounting for hills. I mapped out where the first set of hills on the north side of the river, and on the sides of McMillan Creek are, with green lines in this map ( Pink circled areas are areas that I want to modify / remap to account for current geography in the area. How can I effectively map these hillsides?

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