Nominatim Downtime

Posted by martinum4 on 20 May 2017 in English (English)

Just giving everyone a quick heads up that my nominatim-service available under will be down for maintenance tomorrow from about 10:00 CEST (GMT +2) to at least 14:00.

Other affected services:

  • OGF-Main Page: Search will not function
  • Names in the routing will not be searchable, you have to use the right-click features to add locations or drag the markers around
  • Reverse geocoding for diary entries
  • Every other service that uses the nominatim-service provided by me, if I forgot something just leave a comment below.

Technical Background: After the OGF-Update to a new version last month the replication-update process was not working properly on my side anymore so i'll have to set the service up from scratch again.

Kind Regards


Update: Downtime for at least three (3) more hours due to database rebuild taking longer than expected

Update 2: Nominatim is up and running again, but the Database is still about a month behind in processing, so stay tuned...

Location: 11,972, 2,866

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