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Posted by mstr on 11 August 2016 in German (Deutsch).

I plan to apply for the Geolympic Summer Games 1988. At the moment not everything is done, especially the city and the infrastructure need more details to be accepted. In addition to the games (buildings, venues and a list of all sporting events) I plan to simulate the results.

My idea to simulate all events in a few words: I think to host a Geolympic event is a great reward. In the same way, having successful athletes is a honour for a country and should not be randomly or decided by the “first come, first serve”-principle as it is done at the moment. Therefore the simulation of these events is part of my proposal. How it works?

Do you know the card game Top Trumps? It will be a basic ingredient of the simulation.

First think of two countries, both have the same number of mapped sporting facilities and the same level regarding wiki-articles, which is one important fact. So both countries are allowed to decide how to distribute the same number of points in some sport-related categories on the card. Small and undeveloped countries have less points, large high developed countries have more points.

In the sport event cards of countries are compared to each other. Which categories are compared depends on outside influences, is to some extent randomly chosen and also depends on the opponents. So all have the chance to win, however high effort in mapping and writing yield better chances :) One positive secondary effect would be that also unpopular sports (-> all sports except soccer and racing) are developed in OGF!

What do you think?

Location: 桦川县, 佳木斯市, Heilongjiang, 154000, China

Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 11 August 2016 at 22:04

I like the mapping you’ve done so far - and maybe parts of the venues would have been redeveloped since 1988? So you might not have to map absolutely everything, assuming there was something in its place.

I’m not sure about your approach to results: it sounds very complicated (for example, how do you work out proportionality when it is impossible to know the world population, the number of countries in the world or which countries went to the 1988 games?)

Comment from mstr on 19 August 2016 at 18:58

Thank you for your comment, it is very helpful! I have already thought about the point that some of the venues have been redeveloped, but thanks for reminding me! If the games has been sustainable most venues should still exist? You are right, it is difficult and complicated, but for existing countries I like it better than a random decision. There should be also a high number of “undecided” tags in each event (in contrast to many existing pages) to motivate new members to participate. I try to program some examples and add it to my proposal, then it is simpler to discuss about it…

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