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City display problem

Posted by niski on 21 October 2019 in Polish (Polski)

Hello, i am posting here because i have strange problems with my city name displaying after 30km away (when the cities become points).

To be exact, i put a city mark properly, but it won't show up past the 30km range. I did it 3 weeks ago and rest of the map on the current zoom updated so it's not zoom updates. I tried many things, such as adding capital=4 tag (because this'd be the "capital/largest city" of my state i'm mapping in), making a new city tag, W A I T I N G, removing/adding population mark in my city name, and nothing. Later, i added some planned cities that are 0% complete and are just placeholders, when i suddenly see one of them is displaying from even 100km away! What is this problem caused by, and how to fix it, if i can ask? Also, i recently noticed the city stopped appearing from 30km and only appears to 20km zooms.

If anyone needs the location, it's here: (don't mind my poor mapping or the fact that the city is like 1% done, i just recently got this territory).

A week ago, i joined and i started making these two small islands.

Posted by niski on 11 September 2019 in English (English)

This is the final result, i am posting it here so you can tell me what shall i fix (or completly delete if needed :/) because i'm pretty new to this (7 days). 7 days of mapping, i changed the language which i used to have here due to it not being any official language of the country i'm mapping in (Gobrassanya, so it's open-to-all territory) to Ingerish.

EDIT: There might be some scale issues i will want to fix.

Location: 14,136, 83,744
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