Where is a good place to put an OGF Canada?

Posted by plainoldbread on 28 April 2019 in English (English)

I want to make an OGF Canada which has the same terrain as Canada (Western Cordillera/Rockies, Canadian Shield, I don't need arctic lands, Appalacia) Canadian Landoforms I am hoping to find a place suitable for this

Comment from Mapping Expert on 28 April 2019 at 21:50

To obtain a territory of that size, you must be an advanced user and / or share the territory with other users. In terms of location, you should consider regions with similar climates; like Uletha, but I could also consider other options.

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Comment from Megacity2005Creator on 28 April 2019 at 22:03

I think if you were to do your own mini- Canadian territory, it would be in the corridor directly south of the FSA. There's lots of small countries there that you could collaborate with to together make the area sort of a Canada. Kaneiwa looks like it has similarities to Quebec, same as Bas-Chanceux. Other areas in between bear a striking resemblance to the Canadian Plains. However, I believe it would be best to do Canadian mapping in the FSA (like AR120-62), so the problem of too many Ingerish-speaking countries does not get worse.

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Comment from Luziyca on 28 April 2019 at 23:50

As a Canadian, I feel like Kaneiwa is not really similar to Quebec: while there are some traces of Francophone culture there, it gives me more of a British Columbia type of vibe, as opposed to a Quebec type of vibe.

However, as the guy behind Bas-Chanceux, I strongly encourage you to claim AR120-62, if only because my only active neighbors are not in AR120. I hope that we can collaborate on a common history, and on certain areas like a Francophone minority in the state, considering that IRL, French-Canadians are just confined to Quebec, but also in Ontario, and the Maritimes, as well as scattered communities elsewhere across the country.

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Comment from Rhiney boi on 29 April 2019 at 02:01

Haute Chanceux sounds like a good idea

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Comment from Megacity2005Creator on 29 April 2019 at 03:16

@Luziyca now that I'm looking at it more, you might be right- the language may be leaning toward that of Quebec's, but not the topography or anything else- apologies. (I've never even been to Canada.) However, I think for a better inspiration of British Columbia, one should check out what's left of the lost country Ismikk (which now is part of Alormen, FSA), as it's full of mountain ranges and secluded port towns, but also because the previous owner is from Vancouver Island.

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Comment from kingfries on 1 May 2019 at 20:47

Maybe focus on Planoria first? No offense but that still needs a lot of work, youve only mapped some small neighborhood streets and a bunch of highway as far as I can see. I made that mistake at first too tho, but realised focusing on a couple smallm areas can be much more rewarding! Trust me! Happy Mapping and Happy First of May -kf

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Comment from Asparagus on 10 May 2019 at 22:15

I figured I'd chime in since the creators of Kaneiwa and Ismikk are my friends from the same neighbourhood on Vancouver Island and they don't talk much. Luziyca is right - Kaneiwa is more based off of British Columbia and to my knowledge is intended to have somewhat of a New Zealand vibe to it. I've also found that downtown Lakana somewhat resembles Vancouver's West End to an extent. It is not meant to be based off of Québec, but I can see the resemblance to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. I actually did most of the coastline work on Kaneiwa myself. My own country of Wapashia is more or less supposed to be based off of the BC Coast, while the rural southern part of it is eventually supposed to resemble Prince Edward Island.

As mentioned by someone before, I agree that a large, Canada-like territory would be a massive undertaking requiring experienced mappers (I'm certainly not one of them). While you could make a smaller territory that contains similar elements to say, Québec, one of the defining features of Canada is it being a huge, sparsely-populated part if the world. I think it would be a good idea to start planning out where a FSA-style project like this could take place in advance - most likely on one of the new continents. The big difference between it and the FSA, however, is that you would need people who are specifically good at mapping natural geographical features over urban features, which may be a ton of work. I still think it would be a neat project regardless.

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