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Posted by plainoldbread on 21 March 2021 in English (English).

Attention new users: as the OGF wiki isn’t working, please read here for important site information. Thank you!!

I am calling any mappers that are exceptionally good at making buildings and can make a company building in the downtown area of Fayette, or build condos in Elson & York.

How do I participate?

DM me on OGF or Discord (I respond faster on Discord) where my username is Ezo UpNorthCanadaTV#0004

You will be allowed to choose where you’d like to place your building (Condos will be in Elson & York) What business it is, and how tall it would be. I don’t want Burj Khalifa heights due to this city being based off of Toronto. I’d recommend researching on how tall buildings are in Toronto to relate that to Fayette’s buildings.

If you think of mapping a small convenience store or a small market for your country (For example how IRL Toronto has Jamaican supermarkets dotted across Downtown & North York, you can draw inspiration from those places for your business). I would allow this however, still be realistic with how they’re mapped.

If you plan to map a building for media companies, please include it as an FSA franchise when the wiki works again. With regional businesses (Such as markets that aren’t included as a national chain) are usually not considered a franchise.

How Would most of these areas would work

  • York - Semi Urban/Semi Suburban
  • Elson - Based off of North York, It is a suburban area that has higher density condos and such, with many modern amenities like North York does IRL.
  • Downtown - This area is self explanatory, although it is mostly urban, many places are much older in architecture and how they were planned, so you might have to make sure it fits the theme of the neighborhood

If interested private message me on Opengeofiction or send a Discord DM Ezo UpNorthCanadaTV#0004 .

Location: Tasmania, Australia

Comment from noncertifiedbruhs on 17 April 2021 at 22:06

My man allowed me to build my business and then ended up removing it because he told me that he never gave me permission like wtf

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