A new color on the overview map

Posted by thilo on 22 June 2014 in English (English)

As you can see on the overview map, the country of Ísztianország is displayed in purple. This is meant to indicate the new category of "community territories". Editing in those areas is open to everyone, but in a somewhat more restricted fashion than with the "blue" territories. The goal behind this is to achieve a more unified appearance of the territory with regards to language and culture for the sake of increased realism.

Note also that there's still a user name displayed for Ísztianország - in this case joschi81 - just as with owned territories. That user however should not be regarded as the territory owner, but rather as an address for the first contact and probably some kind of moderator for the further development.

So the guidelines for taking part in the development of a community territory are as follows:

  • Before you start editing, contact the territory's moderator to discuss your plans. Maybe it's even better to have this discussion in a comment thread on our diary page.
  • don't change existing structures without contacting their creators first
  • discuss your planned creations with other users working in adjacent areas

(Of course, those are probably good practices for blue areas too, but here it's official policy). Also those guidelines are kind of tentative, let's just see how it works out.

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