2016 - summary

Posted by trabantemnaksiezyc on 1 January 2017 in English (English).


It’s been nearly a year since I joined OGF. I’ve made (I think) a huge progress - from overscaled town somewhere in Gobrassanya, thru Antharia, which I wasn’t really happy with to Shilesia, to which i moved after dropping Antharia (currently the country is owned by stjur who’s doing a great job, keep it up!). And after at least 5 redevelopments of my country I am satisfied with how it looks. Now, what are my plans for future:

  • Expanding Ligota so it doesn’t look like it was cut in half, BUT not making it the biggest city in the world (it might happen, as i live in the biggest metropolitan area of my country, AND I love big cities), I will try to keep it maybe on 500k citizens maybe.
  • Adding some mountains and rivers to the country - don’t have any particular concept yet, but we’ll get to that.
  • Expanding wiki coverage - that means: writing more about companies in Shilesia, maybe an international organisation with headquarters in Ligota (I think i’ve got an idea for that). Besides that, I want also to focus on history, so it will make sense AND will be compatibile with the history of other nations in the region.
  • More involvment in Midistland, recently I’ve been doing something here, but I think that the country needs more details and good mapping (by this I mean “not newbie-messups”).
  • The biggest Shilesia-related project is currently the Shilesian railway company, I plan on making a few long-distance international connections (I plan for it to be the competition for flights from Ligota-Alfred Airport). I also want to make at least one short article for every station in Shilesia (a bit like it’s done on Polish Wikipedia, where every station, even the least important one in some eastern-polish village is covered) with a basic timetable (company, stations, frequency, rolling-stock).

If I somehow manage to finish Shilesia in this year (VERY unlikely) I’m planning to make a north-western Ulethan country with conlang (on which I’m currently working on) - the working name for the country is Vaaskia.

At the end of this unnecesarily long diary entry, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year 2017!

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