Multilingual names (or something like that)?

Posted by trabantemnaksiezyc on 13 November 2016 in English (English).

On OpenStreetMap Wiki there is that article ( about usage of Key:name:language-code when adding names for pepole who want to render the map in different languages. Does it make sense to use it in OGF? If yes, are we supposed to use language codes for real-life languages or we can use the OGF ones (for example :in (as in Ingerish) instead of :en)?

Comment from wangi on 14 November 2016 at 12:16

In my opinion, not really. Unless you plan to use them yourself for something (e.g. generate a map using them).

Some folk are using the “Belgian solution”, with name: having both English and the local language.

Comment from tule00 on 14 November 2016 at 13:00

To be honest I just name everything in the local language, except the country itself - Reeland is the English/Ingerish name and Reelant is the native one. Although, even for that matter, the international name confuses people, because it’s pronounced differently in English than in Ree language.

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