Should i add many lakes in Läxland in case of future expansion into 150a?

Posted by Öllöjoumi on 24 November 2018 in English (English)


I have been playing around praticing different mapping skills on Läxland. Now it's probably time to decide how Läxland should look like geographically.

I have always loved lakes, so I am thinking of a lake-land-landscape like one in Finland with Saimaa lake which could be fun to map, but perhaps doesn't suit with my location geografically.

Or a lake to the south like Lake Lagoda in Russia formed by continetal glacier or was a part of a primitive sea.

What do you think i should go for to be realistic, should i stick to large areas of forest, rivers and bog?


Location: Konsiat

Comment from Jesus Antonio on 25 November 2018 at 02:44

i love the south, and i think you should go for more realism in north.

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Comment from MrOobling on 25 November 2018 at 17:58

Do whatever you like, it's your country and I think both options are realistic enough to be explained in this fantasy world. I mean, sure a less lakey terrain is more likely in such an inland country but lots of lakes are possible and I think it looks great!

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Comment from iiEarth on 26 November 2018 at 00:12

Your country looks very detailed, I was just wondering, is your nation a peaceful country? Because all countries in OGF usually have rigid borders, so you can make the borders smoother.

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