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Posted by ADB52 on 10 December 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 11 December 2020.

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From the OGF admin team, this has been Eklas.


I don’t normally use the Potlatch editor, but when I switched it on for a small edit, I got an on-screen prompt to allow Adobe Flash to run. Adobe Flash will be discontinued on December 31st, and by implication, Potlatch will be disabled as well.

Is provision going to be made for those users who normally use Potlatch?

Comment from Lithium-Ion on 11 December 2020 at 00:36

There is a potlatch 3 that runs on linux or adobe AIR, but I have no idea about the ease of being able to configure it to ogf.

Comment from Luziyca on 11 December 2020 at 06:28

Given I’m 99% certain more people use JOSM than Potlatch, I don’t think Potlach will be supported post-December 31st unless the OGF staff are willing to use potlatch 3 in its place.

Comment from wangi on 11 December 2020 at 10:02

I’m not sure there’s anything here for us OGF admins to do. Flash has been deprecated by all the browsers. The linked Potlatch 3 is a desktop application, not a web app.

Users who wish to use Potlatch to edit OGF should coordinate with the developer at to add support for the OGF API URLs, or generic option to specify the API URL.

Comment from ADB52 on 11 December 2020 at 12:45

I don’t have the tech knowledge to implement @wangi’s suggestion. What admins might wish to consider is to withdraw the Potlatch 2 option from the Edit menu by the end of this month as it will no longer be functioning at any rate.

Comment from Marcello on 11 December 2020 at 14:30

This is probably a better link to P3 developments:

It seems the developer is close to a ‘normal’ Windows version (no AIR needed per sé it seems) but not completely there yet. And I do not know whether it is possible to map on both OSM and OGF anyway.

I personally would welcome a smooth transition to P3 on OGF as I strongly disagree that JOSM is the tool of choice on OGF. There is still a lot of editing with both P2 and ID.


Comment from Luziyca on 12 December 2020 at 21:56

Given at least 90% of all editing (from my experience) seems to be done on iD or JOSM, combined with the admins not really being able to do much, I do not think there’s a strong argument for keeping Potlatch as an option, given it is unclear whether Potlach 3 will support OGF.

Thus, it would make sense to just remove the Potlatch 2 option from the Edit menu and call it a day.

Comment from wangi on 12 December 2020 at 23:41

Removing the existing Potlatch2 edit link makes sense, but will require Thilo to do that.

Other than that, there’s nothing really for the admin team to do here. Because Potlatch 3 is a desktop app, rather than a web app embedded in the site, users are free to download it and use as if any other editor.

For it to support OGF is going to require somebody who is sufficiently motivated - a regular Potlatch user - to reach out to the developer and ask for the functionality.

Comment from wangi on 12 December 2020 at 23:42

By the way - the linked Potlatch3 is simple to download and use for OSM editing on Windows, not at all complex.

Comment from austinhuang on 15 December 2020 at 15:11

actually, all the API urls are hard-coded in potlatch, and I think OGF supports most (if not all) OSM endpoints, so it could be possible to do it on our own

Comment from superleaf1995 on 24 December 2020 at 19:51

Only used potlathchh once

i think the majority here used iD or JOSM, but only used potlatch because “it was there”

Comment from Rasmus Rasmusson on 27 December 2020 at 08:35

I think I am a quite regular user of Potlatch, although iD is my main editor. Potlach allows for edits on a larger scale without the fuss of having to open JOSM (which I also don’t have installed at work, where I sometimes map in the breaks).

Comment from admin on 28 December 2020 at 17:53

The next Potlatch3 build will allow you to specify the API URL, so will support OGF. L

Comment from ADB52 on 28 December 2020 at 20:48

Have seen the comments thread on Github, with thanks.

Could admin please clarify how to access Potlatch3 from within OGF; is this (as I glean it from the github comments) accessing OGF from within Potlatch3, or will something be concocted that will people to just access Potlatch3 from within OGF - if I’m not too confusing.

Comment from ADB52 on 28 December 2020 at 20:49

…that will ALLOW people to just access…

Comment from wangi on 29 December 2020 at 08:17

Really not sure what you are trying to ask.

Potlatch3 is an application which the user must install themself - nothing for admin to do here, other than perhaps an FAQ at some point

The Potlatch2 link should be removed, but only Thilo can do that. If you no longer have Flash installed then it’s not going to do anything anyway.

The “Edit with Remote Control” option should also be able to be used with Potlatch3 - but again, that is for Potlatch users to do.

So, for real Potlatch users, they should be fine to use the new version.

Comment from ADB52 on 29 December 2020 at 09:58

Sorry if I was being unclear, but that precisely answers the query I had in mind. Thanks.

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