I might be coming back to OGF

Posted by ATMunn on 10 September 2017 in English (English)

Hello there!

As probably none of you remember, I joined OGF about 5 months ago. I was somewhat active in the first few weeks, building a small town here.

I had a plan for the town, but never finished it, mostly because I just didn't really know what i was doing. I eventually forgot about OGF. But I've recently remembered that it exists, and am thinking about coming back.

So, I think the first thing I will do is potentially rebuild this town from the ground up. Now that I kind of sort of know what I'm doing, I think I can make it a lot better this time. I'll figure out what kind of style I'm going for by looking at some real world towns and cities from OSM, as well as looking at surrounding cities on the island.

I hope to permanently become a part of this community. I've loved the idea ever since I stumbled upon it, and although there seems to be a lot to learn, it seems like fun too.

As always, any tips or feedback or whatever is appreciated. Us noobs need all the support we can get! :P

Comment from niels20020 on 11 September 2017 at 19:55

Nice that you've come back! I'm looking forward to seeing your new town :)

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