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Hi, again.

Posted by Alsatian on 2 March 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 3 March 2018.

I’ve made a newish town called Mayton Valley. I’d like some feedback on it of some sort, so a repeat of Monmouth can be stopped, because Monmouth was a fail on my part. (Edited thanks to some misunderstanding on both mine and a poster I’m not going to name) Thanks, Alsatian.


Posted by Alsatian on 22 February 2018 in English (English).

So yeah, I’ve got to the point where Monmouth is pretty large and it’s got enough suburbs. And Hareby hasn’t got that much space left, either. So, I might as well open it to you lot, since pretty much all of you are much more experienced and overall better than me at this stuff. So, what should I do with Monmouth? Please be specific, telling me to ‘put in more detail’ doesn’t quite tell me what I should do, more what you want to happen over a long amount of time.

Monmouth - Description & Your Thoughts

Posted by Alsatian on 20 February 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 21 February 2018.

So, yeah, I’m back doing random stuff in Commonia. This place called Monmouth, to be precise. If you go to New Commonia now, you’ll find Monmouth is probably one of the main settlements there. I’ll go through the suburbs first, largest to smallest. Hareby is a small city / large town to the east of Monmouth Proper, and is probably about half the size of Monmouth. It lies entirely within the district, though a few of the houses are just metres from the city border with the District of Springwood, and has it’s own castle and services on the M607. Parkwood (and Holton) is a small town in the / to the north of Monmouth, and is right next to the reservoir and local beauty spot. It lies entirely within the district, and is a fair way away from the border, the closest near Randen and Lleaby. It also encompasses the borough of Holton, a small-ish area in the north of the town. Mountainside is a small town / large village to the north / north east of Monmouth, and is near the intersection of the M67, M607 and M602. It lies just south of the regional park, and is near the very middle of the district, the nearest border being all the way over in Randen. Parkway is a small village / borough in the west of Monmouth, swallowed by the city. It is near the actual road called the Parkway, and can be reached easily by both inner and outer ring roads. It has two schools and a housing estate. Randen is a small village to the north-west of Monmouth, right next to the outer border. It is near the M607’s NW corner, and the regional park. It is scaled horribly, but is near a farm and has a duel carriageway to both the Cape Highway in the west, and Mountainside and inevitably the M67 to the east.

Location: 13.223, 148.744

Largest City in OGF

Posted by Alsatian on 27 January 2018 in English (English).

I just thought of something, about how many cities have been created. Then, thought, which is the largest? What is the largest city in OGF?

Location: 13.004, 155.282

First Diary Entry - 24th January 2018

Posted by Alsatian on 24 January 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 26 January 2018.

So, hi, first. I’m pretty new, and I’m not exactly amazing at this. A helpful mod helped by replying with a scale comparison thing, (and I realised March Springs makes Swansea look like it got shrunk in a washing machine, as well as the buildings I made being random polygons), so I’m going to use that for the new town. This is my eighth day on, and so I’m still going around Commonia making some random stuff. Thanks, Alsatian. P.S. I doubt I’ll make many of these, but eh, why not make one.

25th January, 2018 (Second Diary Entry): I’m not going to ‘double diary entry post’, so I’m just going to edit this slightly. Again, thanks for informing me about the brand issue. And also, I’m busy making the least square houses in the entire world, I hope, so that it stands out like a sore thumb (for a good reason). Allerton is coming along better than March Springs (as would a dog running after its tail, but oh well), and should become a large…-ish town any minute now. Any minute… ANY minute…

26th January, 2018 (Third Diary Entry): AND HELLOOO THERE. I’m making some more random stuff by realising there’s a direction thing. Apparently the distance between ‘3.37510, 153.29873’ and ‘3.37504, 153.29878’ is just under 100 miles, and it apparently takes two and a half hours to get there. If you’re not aware, these are places that are barely 15 or 20 metres apart on the Chestnut Roundabout, in March Springs, and because the direction doesn’t understand how roundabouts work, it sends you all the way down the H40 to Kearney, then all the way up the Southern Bypass back to the very same roundabout. I’d advise you just walk this distance, not drive for 2 and a half hours through Kearney and several other towns and villages and then all the way back again just to get 10 metres in March Springs.

Location: 13.101, 155.260