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Posted by CharlieG on 10 February 2019 in English (English).


I’m CharlieG from Artenia. But, in the real OpenStreetMap, I’m Gorbs. I map areas around my home in Suburban Philadelphia, USA. Recently, I’ve been getting into mapping extreme detail and residential areas, since that’s what most areas around me are comprised of, and what most areas are missing. While enjoying myself, I stopped mapping for a second and appreciated the updated design of OSM compared to OGF. I wondered why its top bar looked cleaner, why there were many more features for points, lines, and areas compared to OGF, etc. I noticed a while back (maybe 6-9 mo. ago) that OGF got an update, and the servers were down for about a day for me. Will this happen again soon? Could it? Not to be so arrogant in understanding how the server works, but I am curious as to why the major update has not happened yet.

Thanks for tuning in! -C

For some extra links, An example near me of what residential, etc. areas should look like What reality is in OpenStreetMap What I’ve tried replicating

Location: -41.327, 137.148

Comment from Luciano on 10 February 2019 at 20:24

I don’t even understand what you’re asking about.

Do you mean an update to the render (i.e. the appearance of the map)? In that case, I believe that the map render is in sync with OSM.

Do you mean an update to the online edit tools (e.g. iD, potlatch)? In that case, I doubt there is any strong reason to change the “in browser” mapping options for OGF - most serious mappers are using JOSM, which has its own update process which users control.

Do you mean something else in terms of the toolset / site appearance of OGF? What specifically do you mean?

Do you mean the quality of your own fictional mapping? There’s a long road ahead of you. But you’ll get there. I’d suggest (as I almost always suggest) focusing on natural features - where are the hills, how do the coastlines go, the watercourses… The realistic human geography will follow.

Comment from histor on 10 February 2019 at 21:42

Your second and third link only shows poor OSM-mapping in some areas in opposite to your first link. So seen indeed the standard of OSM-mapping is very diferent, but you have many examples of very detailled mapping - in the USA or in other countries (like this []).

But what is the connection to OpenGeoFiction?

Comment from CharlieG on 11 February 2019 at 01:02

Responding to Luciano:

I’m asking about the iD editor. In OSM, the editor offers many more tags/things to choose from when it comes to picking things like:

  1. ‘Gazebo’ is offered in OSM, while only ‘Shelter’ is offered in OGF
  2. All different cuisines are offered in OSM, while only ‘Restaurant’ is offered in OGF And etc.

I know this might be configurable in OGF in a way I might have no idea exists, but at least OSM has these options when I look them up in the search bar to specify and area, line, etc.

Responding to histor:

The third map I featured had a center Point-of-View of an undeveloped neighborhood that I could not map due to missing features on Google Maps, in real life, and in satellite views. The outsides of that link, like, in the top-left corner, Newtown Grant, is what I mapped recently.

The connection is that there’s a difference in the availability in specifications for areas, points, and lines. There’s also more configuration options and more pleasing visuals. This is for iD editor, remember, not JOSM.

I don’t want to hassle anyone for an answer, just give me a guess or ask what I mean. I’m sure to get back to you.

Thanks for listening! -C

Comment from Luciano on 11 February 2019 at 01:14

I’m not sure if an update of the options available in the iD editor is possible. As I said, it feels like a very low priority to me, since my great mission is life is to stop everyone from using iD.

I’m concerned about this:

an undeveloped neighborhood that I could not map due to missing features on Google Maps, in real life, and in satellite views

If you are using information from Google Maps to map in OSM, you are breaking the law. I think you should make yourself aware of copyright issues.

Comment from histor on 11 February 2019 at 01:25

For OpenGeoFiction I work with the iD-editor. Sure there are only the most common tags in the left sidebar, but you can use all other tags with this editor , if you know the tags and her values (see []). Here the OSM-wiki is helpful (I think, you know that). So I do not exatly understand your problem. At the beginning a hand-written list may be helpful with not directly by the editor shown tags, which you will use, til you have them in the brain.

Please wtite, if you mean some other.

Comment from TheMayor on 11 February 2019 at 01:55

I also use iD, and what I find useful is a quick internet search for “openstreetmap [whatever I want to tag in OGF]”. As histor mentioned, the first hit is usually the infinitely-useful OSM wiki, which tells you what tags to use to map whatever it is you’re looking for, and inserting those tags manually to the features in iD is straightforward enough.

As far as iD/JOSM preferences, I think it’s very important that OGF is accessible for both. While many of the “serious mappers” do indeed use JOSM (which of course is much more powerful), there are also plenty of serious mappers who don’t, for whatever reason. Besides, there are plenty of mappers here who are more casual and iD has a much lower learning curve for new users.

Comment from zhenkang on 11 February 2019 at 14:04

Actually I myself dont find iD totally wrong; just that to many, it can be rather difficult to use it for large scale mapping, and limited in certain functions. Although JOSM is superior in many ways, we should also stop judging people who still use iD. I clap those who can use iD and map beautiful towns unlike others who still maps poor quality mapping even by using JOSM. Mapping quality still matters regardless of editing tool.

In JOSM, if you want to search your tag, you can go to ‘select objects by preset’ which is similar to what iD has. Though sometimes it can be different, like museums/schools dont automatically make areas buildings or there are some tags difference e.g. boroughs vs neighbourhoods and minor vs unclassified roads.

Comment from zhenkang on 11 February 2019 at 14:05

And iD has been last updated since end 2017. That is what I remembered. That was when the direction thing was introduced as well.

Comment from CharlieG on 11 February 2019 at 21:25

Responding to Luciano:

I don’t use Google Maps often–if I do, at all, I only use it for development names. I understand the rules for OSM, of course I read them when I made my account.

Responding to others:

I do not use JOSM because I cannot get it to work with my laptop. (It’s okay, I just use iD. It comes naturally to me)

Also, I actually did not know the OSM Wiki had tag pages–I’ve seen them, but they didn’t seem so useful until now.

Comment from Thunderbird on 14 February 2019 at 22:53

Hello CharlieG!

I am also from near Philadelphia, I am working on a city that draws inspiration from Washington, DC and Philly at the moment.

I look forward to seeing what you end up mapping here on OGF!


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