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Border Checkpoints

Posted by Configours on 29 September 2020 in English (English).

It would be fun to have more than neighbor already, but I want to ask for advise on a border checkpoint, I already have 1 main one and 1 very small one with just a road connection and a building. However, I have multiple roads that just dead end as I move along my western border as there is nothing to connect to. However, with my one existing main checkpoint, I don’t really know how they work so I just went with what I thought was at one. Please give constructive criticism in how I can improve my checkpoints and if you want to help me in general with this, I’d appreciate it, Thanks, and Happy Mapping.

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Extensive Zoning Project

Posted by Configours on 22 July 2020 in English (English).

Blue Country Editors, and anyone interested in helping.

In a recent Diary Entry post, I mentioned the over-the-top project that I have given myself (as a bit of a test) and I am nothing short of an amateur at this site. I am proud to admit that I am an amateur mapper, but I have one request rather. If anyone has experience in creating realistic zones and would like to help me finish out my current project (Munsterhann, Northside, Lviv, Louletta, and McKenner) before I move on to my next project (Populating Gilagonas Region, Mecyna via 88 and T-2) It would be greatly appreciated

Basically what I am in need of is: I. Residential Zones in neighborhoods that I have already planned out II. Commercial and Industrial Zones along numbered routes III. City Services and Public Transport (Sidenote: I don’t understand OGF Bus Routes) IV. Additional Links to other areas to work with (Bellafountaine and surrounding areas) V. Help with Lake layers… (I did read the tutorial on the wiki and tried copying other’s lakes per what they were and still had trouble) VI. Additional help with Airport Zone

I do understand that my sizing is not entirely realistic, but I am trying my best to base building sizes off of what they seem in real life without using any additional softwares. I am not the most tech savy person in the world so OSM and other softwares just confuse me.

If you happen to be interested in helping, Private Messaging me is encouraged, or if you have any tips: Please leave them in the comments. Thank You in Advance, and Happy Mapping.

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Mecyna Numeric and Alphabetical Routes

Posted by Configours on 19 July 2020 in English (English).

While doing some planning for my project within Mecyna, I ran into the idea of creating a detailed list of all Numeric and Alphabetical routes that runs their course through-out Mecyna including projected lengths, Northern/Southern (Eastern/Western) Terminus and even special attractions or areas that they served throughout the nation. While Mecyna is a free-to-edit country, I feel that a complete list of highways would be a necessary step in both showcasing the amount of infrastructure in Mecyna, but also to be able to keep a running list in case there happens to be two disjointed sections of similarly numbered (lettered) highways to avoid a conflict in the Lore of the Highway system.

It’s just an idea…

And what could possibly go wrong????

Posted by Configours on 13 July 2020 in English (English).


Yes… I kinda gave myself an overwhelming project on my end in Mecnya to build a city that is probably not on a realistic scale what so ever, but that’s okay… (Not really)… And of course trying to base it off of the area that I live in, in real life of course to the lack of major highways but smaller roads acting as main through ways for traffic to move in and out of depending on the desired flow.

If you don’t care about the rambling, I started the “Munsterhann Project” in mid-June and now going into early July, and it was supposed to be just a small town along the ‘Transversal’ (T) route in central/Northern Mecnya, supposedly a few blocks and one highway junction. Fast forward to today and now I have two suburbs with just arterial roads (Lviv, and Northside) and an unfinished skeleton of roads that is the rest of the city of Munsterhann. On a side note I did start zoning in residential spaces and city services and office buildings, but it is in a zone of about 3x12 (3 blocks by 12 blocks) in a space that compared to a map is probably the size of Charleston, West Virginia in regards to the sprawl of the city’s area in general.

I also gave myself the task to basically build a semi-unnecessary highway for the sake of the suburbs that doesn’t even effect Munsterhann in the slightest although what can be argued as a 5 mile stretch of this route (T-2) is called “Munsterhann East” as it really should be called “Lviv East” followed by an equally short stretch of highway called “Northside Lviv Freeway” which just caters to Northside. So in hindsight… I would really like some help on finishing off Munsterhann and the zones that is Lviv and Northside before I continue to the west where the large but empty space that I was originally going to call “Emsward” or something sits…

I am all open and accepting of criticisms and I would really appreciate any and all suggestions to improve this project before actually being able to map out my own country. So, If you have any suggestions or comments or maybe ideas in how I can 100% improve this, please let me know. Also Direct Messaging is also an option if you have specific suggestions that is tied to one location and not the entire thing as one whole.

Thank You in advance, and I wish you all some Happy Mapping.

Location: Longreach, Longreach Regional, Queensland, 4730, Australia