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Posted by Configours on 29 September 2020 in English (English).

It would be fun to have more than neighbor already, but I want to ask for advise on a border checkpoint, I already have 1 main one and 1 very small one with just a road connection and a building. However, I have multiple roads that just dead end as I move along my western border as there is nothing to connect to. However, with my one existing main checkpoint, I don’t really know how they work so I just went with what I thought was at one. Please give constructive criticism in how I can improve my checkpoints and if you want to help me in general with this, I’d appreciate it, Thanks, and Happy Mapping.

Location: -1.409, -2.641

Comment from Liadrien on 30 September 2020 at 00:07

I do like the look of what you have, but indeed, some more features would be commonplace. My recomendation would be to look at border checkpoints on and get some inspiration, but as a quick sheet I’ll give you some points I think of when designing a toll station. Keep in mind that they can vary a lot in appearance depending on what is needed.

  • Truck staging area - Does a lot of freight pass through the checkpoint? Many porder checkpoints often have separate parking areas for trucks so that their inventory can be checked, as well as the entire trucks weighed.
  • Guard offices - Is the border heavily enforced? If so, concider separate guard offices and garages where patrol guards can send uot cars to scan a larger border or chase down tresspassers.
  • Worker’s parking - Toll workers need to get to work, how do they do this? Parking areas somewhere?
  • Secluded workshop - If a vehicle is found with illicit goods it is good be able to put it aside and prefferably away from prying eyes. Is this a common occurence? Perhaps a large one?
  • Misc offices - A lot of paperwork has to be done, and a break room would likely be apprechiated by the workers.

I recently made a border checkpoint at this place which I’m very happy with, hope it helps!

Comment from Configours on 30 September 2020 at 00:12

Thank You, and I will say that does look amazing. Although that is very advanced compared to me. And don’t mind the scale of the villages to the north. I plan on reworking those after I am done with the rest of my ideas.

Comment from Liadrien on 30 September 2020 at 00:28

Well you have a fair bit of land to fill out, but as a word of encouragement I’d like to say this: If there’s something that seems too advanced for you, just go ahead and try your hands at it! If you spend enough time working on it you may end up with something you’re proud of.

I’m rather fond of your roads around the capital for one, I’m sure you can create a border station of similair quality!

Comment from KTheBritMC on 30 September 2020 at 17:56

What needs to be considered is the size of the border checkpoint to the size of your country. My country is a very similar size to yours, maybe slightly smaller but mine is the size of Honduras.

Don’t make some massive lorry park like the one in Dover, UK, but look at something a bit smaller.

If your country is a main hub for bypassing through like with lorries going from the north to the south then you can look at bigger sizes but only for busy roads like motorways and trunk roads

Comment from Configours on 30 September 2020 at 23:34

Liadrien, Khankya isn’t the capital of Skavhyrivniya, but I am rather glad you like the roads, but as it stands it is the largest city so far in the nation. Khankya is going to be like that one city that is built up around the city and then the towns around it is where most of the population lives. Khankya’s road system was actually an accident but I am too lazy to delete multiple segments of M-03 and M-05 to fix it, without creating a riverside motorway (interstate) which was initially something I didn’t want. T-235 was also initially going to be a motorway loop, but the best thing I have for a belt-road is T-235 and the partially unreasonable M-103 that acts as a direct point of reference for Khanya itself on the map…

Additionally T-21, T-35, L-11, K-20, and T-235 are all eventually going to be renumbered because I messed up my numbering scheme based off of Oblast.

M-01 (Road to Nowhere) might curve back into the coast and be the home of what I can hope and pray is going to become a large port, and port city. M-03 might get redrawn, M-05 will head up to a border after splitting with yet again another Highway, Probably Numbered as M-07 or M-09.

Border-checkpoints along R-22, and T-35 will be made in the near future.

Triblanka Zoning, and Khankya Zoning.

And then the basebones of the capital city, with a ring road system much like Houston’s but on a smaller scale.

But once again thank you for the “compliment” on Khankya’s roads.

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