Vilvetia relocation

Posted by Eretra on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello everybody, my last diary entry was quite a while ago, and a lot has been going on since.

I left my island this week, because I was feeling a bit claustrophobic in it, but I kept some of my work I cared for.

I merged the work I did on my ex-capital and another city to create Sedina, that will be the second biggest city of Vilvetia. To help merge all the parts I transfered, that nearly all had a coastline before, I dabbled with the idea of a delta, with the rivers branches creating the "border" I needed to blend them with one another.

Vilvetia will be quite forested and mountainous in the south-east, with the exeception of one or two valleys that would be drained by a big rivers, and that would have become quite populated as it would be a route to Ascot, my eastern neighbor. The coasts would be quite populated as well, and a lot of the country will be farmlands or Jungle, as the mountains would retain most of the water inside Vilvetia

I will try to post here more often, if the occasion arises, but until then, Happy mapping everyone

Location: -2,504, 120,287

Comment from zhenkang on 15 March 2019 at 00:40

All the best

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