Posted by GamePancakes on 1 May 2020 in English (English)

Hello OGF, I'm just writing this if anyone has any feedback to give or wants any embassies or ports.

I know some of my rivers don't look right. I like my work in the southeast the most. If you want to see more work in a specific area let me know.

Location: -20.189, 161.034

Comment from yoyo21 on 2 May 2020 at 00:19

I noticed you have many cities tagged as capital=yes. Usually, only the national capital should be tagged as capital=yes. State capitals can be tagged as capital=4.

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Comment from iiEarth on 2 May 2020 at 01:50

Most of your work (even the southeast) is a rough draft. It may looks pleasing from lower zooms, but lack of nodes/detail is apparent in higher zooms. I'd say that you did a good job finishing rough drafts, but you should start working on detail, likes residential roads.

Also, don't use real-life names like Lansing, Chinatown, Africatown or Antioch.

Also, please expand abbreviations like 'Blvd' to 'Boulevard'.

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Comment from GamePancakes on 2 May 2020 at 02:59

Is there a place to look up the lore and where different languages come from? I wanna do ethnic enclaves but I don't know how. I probably keep some more common town names like Richmond.. just because their common and in no relation to the real cities.

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Comment from Lorenzo49 on 2 May 2020 at 03:57

And if you say about embassies, i have a lot of free space to make your embassy in my country, well my country is toooo far to be a superpower but maybe we could cooperate:)

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Comment from MisterBean on 2 May 2020 at 15:28

I don't see anything too outlandish about the rivers. However, use JOSM for neater motorways. And reduce the number of motorways, perhaps replace some with trunk roads.

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