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Posted by Geoc3ladus on 24 November 2020 in English (English)

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Hey all!

As I was starting to map out some streets in the city of Ochent, I wondered: What are going to be the street name types? I am posting this diary on behalf of the Ohesia Collaborative Project, and want to have a discussion amongst other mappers in the area. I was hoping for us to discuss terms that would fully define the name of primary, secondary, tertiary, and residential roads, such as "Name Street","Name Avenue","Name Drive", etc. What are the Ohesian Translations for these terms going to be? Here are some ideas that I have:

  • Street -- Stroće /ʃtrōʃə/
  • Avenue -- undecided at the moment
  • Motorway/Highway -- Otoban /œtō'bɒn/

Those are ideas that I've proposed. Of course, you may change these, as you are free to. What ideas do you have to identify types of roads. I would also like to know: Does Ohesian follow the rules of most adjectives coming after the noun? This knowledge would be helpful to the mapping process. Anyways, that is all I am going to say for now.

Happy Mapping,

--Geo Talk: Geoc3ladus

Comment from sude on 26 November 2020 at 19:02


Many of the stuff of the conlang has already been created since it's a sister language of lyrian, which is part of the North Antarephian Language group.

I did a small guide about typical elements in settlements names as well as some information about pronounciation:

I was always doing a more graphical guide about usefull words, but I had to stop because of university (I have 4 exams next week :( ):

If you are interested in using the conlang, I can send you a link to an excel file in Google Docs in which me and other users are working in order to create the conlang and be able to check it to search for names.

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