Renamed Omniville into Buildtion

Posted by GibranalNN on 27 December 2017 in English (English)

With this, wiki collaborators might revise pages with "Omniville" in it, and mapmakers can rename embassies of Omniville to Embassy of Buildtion.


Comment from Litvania on 27 December 2017 at 19:58

Why? Why Buildtion? Can you explain why and how you chose that name? Also, you could announce in this forum sub-thread.

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Comment from zhenkang on 28 December 2017 at 06:59

@ Lit I think he wants to do a makeover over his country, which is Buildtion. However, I will bot totally like the name though.

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Comment from isleño on 29 December 2017 at 18:01

Just a slight correction: this isn't an official collaborative, so the right forum section would be here.

To me, the best country names help establish the "flavor" of a land. Like "Castellán" makes me think of Spain, or "Østermark" makes me think of Scandinavia.

"Buildtion" makes me think of "building"... which doesn't really seem like a clear flavor, unless it's inhabited by construction workers or something, haha.

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Comment from TurkishSeal on 30 December 2017 at 20:21

Wow, glad you have told us neighbour.

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