My Plans on Pipe Bay in Duvar

Posted by IAmDaCraziestBoi on 30 June 2020 in English (English).

I will continue to develop this area and city, and eventually its suburbs.

One of the biggest projects I ever started is the Great Commonia Highway, if you feel a section of this is impacting your area you can modify the path where it is impacting your project(s).

I am planning to start Garsenon area once Pipe Bay area is done. I am planning to make two malls throughout Pipe County, one in Pipe Bay and the other in suburb Pimall. I have recently turned New Commons Freeway from a trunk road to a motorway as I agreed that a motorway would fit for myself. The route is from Pipe Bay southeast to northern Port Blanton.

Pipe Bay

I am focusing on the city before its suburbs. This is one of two locations in the urban area where a mall will exist in, the other, again, is Pimall, a suburb of Pipe Bay. I will look for an area within the city limits that is large enough to work on my mall and supposedly surround the mall with residential areas and etc. Carlisle and Pesobrook are both suburbs of Pipe Bay, especially true for Carlisle in Duvar. Another suburb along with Yolkerville will be placed in neighhboring Minn-am-Gabots.


When I begin my focus here, in weeks to months, there will be 8-12 suburbs in 2 counties, with 2 of them in both counties.


It may take months for heavy focus and rapid development to occur in this area from just me, however it is recommended that you guys do add to it so I wouldn’t need to do much work to it after all.

Location: 5.965, 140.850

Comment from theruler on 30 June 2020 at 12:49

Looking decent, but the place you’ve mapped in is not relevant to the language of your mapping. The place you are mapping in right now is currently Asian-style, which means that English (or Ingerish in OGF terms), is best to be avoided.

Comment from IAmDaCraziestBoi on 1 July 2020 at 10:44

True, but I don’t know any Asian language and I have lived my whole life in one state in the US.

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