Municipal Airport and List of WAAT Airport Codes compilation

Posted by ImmortalHawk on 24 December 2018 in English (English)

I am planning on putting a municipal airport with one runway to service mainly private use, but also for some public aircraft services. I willl probably put up a basic airport layout with one runway and some taxiways, but I would like know if there is a full list of airport codes that are similar to IATA's 3 alphabetic-character code. Apparently it's the WAAT airport code, but there doesn't seem to be a database for that. In that case, I was wondering if I should start a new page for compiling airport codes in various places across this world...

Also would like some comments on the scale for Midland, the village right next to the proposed airfield. Is it too big, too small, or ok?

Thanksyouverymuch :D

Location: Siltland, Kingdom of Forrintia

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