Railway questions.

Posted by JBstad1 on 14 September 2014 in English (English)

How many rails would be suitable for a railway system about to enter a station? Is one railway way good enough as a rough draft to indicate a railway system, or should there be rows of rails and what are its limits? I'm trying to create my city through my mind and I like to know the accuracy of it.

There could be some questions I like to ask, granted that I'm new to territory creation, so bear with me.

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Comment from histor on 14 September 2014 at 21:28

Hello, in the wiko to OpenGeoFiction is a help-file over railways. [[]]

How many rails in the station? There are two sights:

a) rails, that go through the station = Hamburg (1.8 mio inhab) has 4 for commuter-rails and 8 for traffic to other towns, a town like Hannover (600.000) has 12 for all, a town with 70.000 inhabitants may have 4 or 5 tracks at the platforms.

b) rails, that ends in the station = Leipzig (600.000) has 23 and is the greatest teminal-satation in Germany. Munich (so 1.400.000 inhabitants) after my remembrance so 20. Altona (part of Hamburg) = 12 and 4 for commuter-rails.

The questions are: How great is your city? How many railsways come to the station? Did you draw each rail or one line on the map for two rails?

If at one side come three routes - 2 rails each - you need 8 or 10 rails at the platforms - or more.

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