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Gharbiya, a new nation, an old faith... But how?

Posted by Liadrien on 23 September 2020 in English (English).

Hey! I’ve been mapping for a few days now in my first territory and i’m making steady progress, but that’s (of course) not why I’m posting this. No. I’m in need of some in-world guidelines. You see, the nation of Gharbiya is a muslim nation, and thus i’m curious; is there a version of Mecca in this world? Surely, the prophet must’ve been enlightened somewhere? So… Where should my largest mosques be facing? Are there any other quirks to the religion in this world I should keep in mind? Which are the muslim nations of this world? Are there even any? Also; (as a bit of a sidenote) Is there already a name for a nomadic culture in the Great Helion desert? (the wiki is now even more gone than a moment ago so… Can’t seem to look it up)

I’d love to have the nation of Gharbiya entwined with the world and feel truly alive. I know it’s extremely early in the making, but bear with me. I’m looking for an ex-colonial overlord, or even failed attempts at earlier colonialism. Things that may lead to influences such as names of things or even structures built after foreign ideals. Such as old forts or ports. And I’d like to weave those into the nation a bit, and not just tag them on as an afterthought when the nation is more thorougly mapped. Any ideas are welcome, let’s discuss in the comments!

Location: Abalessa, Abalessa District, Tamanrasset, Algeria