Rules for Territory: A Suggestion

Posted by Myrcia on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

I have made a post on my bliki regarding the rules for granting territory to new users. I think it is worth a discussion but probably best to keep it on the wiki to make it easier to follow:

Comment from zhenkang on 15 July 2017 at 04:50

Well, my wiki account is blocked so I have to comment here. Mycria, you can move what's after this sentence into your bliki.

Being a teenager, I felt that any user, whether young or old, can join this mapping project. I feel that actually age is not really a concern which determines the mapping quality, but rather maturity.

With new mappers coming in, I sometimes take a look at some new countries they owned. I should say some were 'good', or just average mapping. Countries like Kanea, Paleskia- just to name a few- are 'in progress' and not bad, for typical new mappers.

However, I feel that when a new country is created, not only realism (verisimilitude) and any set criterias (in the bliki) are met, mappers must consider what is their vision for their country. How does my new country impact my neighbours, or the OGF world (Khaiwoon, Pretany are countries, in my opinion, important to the world, playing important roles)? What unique culture is brought in? What is my mapping style that is unique and stands out? I am quite tired of mini-USAs countries without culture, or even a history to follow. When requesting a new territory, new mappers must also state the general culture, values and history of their proposed countries. New mappers also must consider their new neighbours around which are around their requested territory. (I actually half-regretted not following this part, but at least I know what my country should be like).

I also understand Mycria's concern about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act stated, but like I said earlier, it depends on the maturity, not age. Age may not determine maturity. Anyway, if a new age limit is considered, then I consider around 10 or so.

In countries with stressful learning environments- like Singapore ( where I am living) and China, including other Asian countries ( though I'm not sure about learning environments in America and Europe), however, those who have an interest in geofiction should be invited into OGF, for them to unwind and relax, and also enjoy their hobbies. I do not think there is any danger on a child in OGF though; no obscene materials present or viruses- including in JOSM. However, the responsibility of an individual on the internet is from the individual himself, not others.

Before implementing such criterias and rules suggested in the bliki, and if accepted by the admins, there should be a large territory with a respected culture and history (like China), a superpower with culture, in other words, to replace Commonia, which is like a collapsed USSR but worse. At least, new mappers can understand culture and heritage in a new superpower country before they think of one.


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