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Trouble with an OSM file

Posted by PortCal on 12 December 2017 in English (English)

@experienced users of OGF/JOSM

I know the new forum is opened and it's preferred messages are posted there, but I wouldn't know where to put this problem (the closest thing I found was 'Collaboration > Technical problems and solutions' which seems to be for the problems with OGF). So I thought I'd put it here in the User Diaries.

Today I was editing and detailing central Chorley, with a lot of new things I wanted to bring to the map. But when I tried to upload it as a changeset, it gave me the constant error that it could not upload the file due to certain problems with another relation. After a few tries I decided to save the file and restart JOSM. Then I tried to re-open the file I just saved, but now it won't even let me open it and gives me the error

"Relation with external id ''74.461'' refers to a missing primitive with external id ''74.455''

Both relations to places in the Ardisphere that I visited earlier today (which looks amazing btw) when looking at Mstr's Featured Objects page (which also is amazing) for inspiration for my rivers.

Now I'm stuck with this annoying error. I really want to upload this file so I can go back to mapping the rest of the town with the proper layout, instead of guessing where everything is.

Another strange thing I noticed was when I opened JOSM after many attempts and a few hours and dismissed the error, and went in the menu to the list of active changesets, I saw this changeset by me still unclosed, so I closed it, but it is empty, as can be seen.

I'm really distraught at the moment, I don't know what to do with it. I searched the web for help in documentations and forums, but neither of them were helpful to me. I don't want to lose such a large part of the progress I made today. Is there a way I can still upload this .osm file I have on my computer? Does anyone know how to solve this? 😪

The headache that is Trevers

Posted by PortCal on 25 March 2017 in English (English)

The last few months, I've been struggling a lot with how Trevers should look and how it has developed. Starting working on the city, I was soon encountered with the fact that river Vale (that seperates Trevers from the rest of the land in the east) doesn't make any sense. Since I did now know any solutions at the time, I tend to just ignore it for a while and hope there would be ideas about how to fix this in the future. More than half a year later, that has not happened. Au contraire, there are even more problems like overall geography, place in history and structure all over the city. I'm getting in a downward spiral and more depressed by the look of the city week by week, which leads to slow progress, which leads to overthinking everything about the city and country in the first place.

I'm honest when saying I'm happy with some parts of the city, but for some reason it doesn't add up at all when zooming out on the map. The island looks weird and a lot of things don't make sense in physical geography. Starting a discussional collaboration with Refriedsushi — about which I'm very grateful and should be continued very soon — made me realise even more that some things don't make sense. Luckily he provided me with some solutions, like making Trevers into a bunch of islands in a bay, that could later be landfilled. This looked like a good solution to me. Now, I just don't know. It's hard to envision the landmass as landfilled islands, especially since it is not designed that way.

But I tried to do it anyway. At first, it looks okay. Then again, I just feel like I don't know enough about physical geography. The islands I created look weird to me. I've tried drawing them in a lot of ways. Of course they have to align with the history and the historic sites of the city, but when trying to make a development map of the city, I just don't know where to start.

Overlay how Trevers could look in the new situation around the time of colonisation ▲ Overlay how Trevers could look in the new situation around the time of colonisation, full image here

So I spend time in creating a history that maybe could help me out here. In history this should be the first settlement of the Ingerish colonists, but is it even plausible such a settlement to be started on one or some tiny islands in a large bay? It would probably have been a good thing if I started it from the beginning in history like some users do, developing it over time. I could do that now, but there will be so many things lost. Besides that, I have so many ideas left, but something just stops me from working on the island altogether. It's a place that is essential for the region, but lately I'm just working on things like Fletcher and Starford, with the knowledge that should make more sense.

Eventually, I've yet arrived at the moment it's just frustrating to map. I should have started everything else in the country by now, but I really want to finish this. I have to deal with it anyway. Again, there are a lot of things I like about the city that I built. But everything I try doesn't seem to make any sense in the bigger picture. I'm doubting every decision I'd made since the start — almost two years ago.

Does anyone have had this experience too? Does anyone have any ideas how I could make any sense of the island and the city? What is the best thing to do now? I'm really lost at this point. This proves that working out things like history and geography before building are SO important.

Year in Review: Trevers

Posted by PortCal on 31 December 2016 in English (English)

Hello mappers!

It’s been a while since I posted my last update on the city of Trevers. And since it’s the end of the year, I figured it would be nice show what I’ve been doing this year. I wanted to do a lot this year, but because my personal life was very busy I didn’t come really that far with what was on the planning.

Nevertheless have been working all year around Trevers, and it’s not finished at all. Yes, I’ve made some significant and noticeable changes and I've restuctured and organised I’ve completely changed the forest area Monument Hills – which to me looked very weird in the middle of the city – for a Monument Park, which is very large and empty at the moment, but will be filled up more when I start working on detailing the surrounding suburbs.

I’ve been working on San Mateo (wiki), the seaside resort city next to Trevers. The structure of how it will look is already very visible. There are also some parts of Starford mapped in more detail, most of it is just roads yet. A suburb that is already mapped extensively is Fletcher, which is located underneath the airport.

For the most part I’ve been working on detail. Some highlights are the Seneca Stadium, a sport and event venue which is planned to be used somewhere in Geolympic history. It features a sunken logistics lane (which is actually on ground level) and a large plaza and parking garage beneath the stadium.

Also, I’ve been working on the Unity Station (wiki), the main railway station of the city. The station building now includes a mall and the area now features a new square with decoration, bus station and various services.

There have been many updates to larger railway stations like Concordia, but also Fletcher International Airport railway station (wiki). This one was more difficult because I had to map under all the existing features. The airport itself is also an absolute highlight for me. Also some subway and bus stations are ready to be used in the next year.

Besides that, I’ve done a lot beside mapping. I’ve filled many wiki pages, created some templates and made some images like this GIF of the growth of the Trevers Metro network. Expansion

And of course there are many more things to find in Trevers. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for me. I will join in my first collaborative project, Trevers will be finished and I will start to map more natural features in the country and I will do a lot of villages and smaller towns in more rural areas. Also I will find a solution for this weird river split of the Ansy and the Vale, but at the moment have no idea how to fix it best.

What do you think of the changes, and what are your highlights of 2016?

Happy mapping and happy New Year,


Location: Hollow, Brewton, Trevers, Verona, 82000, Paroy

Premier Formula additions

Posted by PortCal on 24 May 2016 in English (English)

Hello mappers,

A short post in favor of the people who haven't seen it on the recents page yet. In the spirit of the Premier Formula conversation a few days ago, I've done some work on more templates to extend information.

There is the Navbox 2016 Premier Formula season, with important information already on the 2016 Premier Formula page. Then there is Infobox 1PF race for details about Grands Prix, and a Navbox Premier Formula seasons.

Feel free to use it on your Premier Formula related pages and if something is missing, fill it in or let me know!


Flights to Trevers Int. Airport / Paroyan Airways

Posted by PortCal on 16 May 2016 in English (English)

Hello mappers!

Recently I've been working hard on fixing the airport of Trevers. I've also been working on an airline for Paroy. You'll read all about it in this post.

Paroyan Airways

Paroyan Airways is the national-flag airline for Paroy with bases in Trevers and Coleraine (future). Currently it is looking for international and intercontinential destinations. Paroyan Airways provides both passenger and cargo flights.

Let me know what cities and airlines you would like connected to Trevers (or Coleraine, although it's not drawn yet).

Trevers Fletcher International

I've been working on Trevers Fletcher International Airport, the international airport of Trevers. I think it is looking more realistic now. The shape is adjusted slightly and many things are already detailed. It's not finished yet. It still needs public transport and rail facilities, as well as many airport facilities too. The location for the airport is at the bottom.

What do you think of it? Is there more room for improvement?

To also stick a bit to Luciano's May Challenge, I really want to detail the airport. For that, just like real world international airports, I need international companies. Does anyone wants a company location on this airport? Think things like restaurants, fast food, bars, gift stores, maybe something different? Recommendations are welcome too!

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Location: Penton Grove, Fletcher, Starford, Verona, Paroy

Some new infoboxes for the wiki

Posted by PortCal on 29 March 2016 in English (English)

Hello fellow mappers!

In order to inform everyone I decided to write this here, so everyone knows it’s there and could use it if they want.

I found myself - and clearly many other users too - missing some infoboxes about things we love to write about most, like public transportation and wars. I did create them immediately in my best way possible, and here they are. And there will be more coming soon.

The Port infobox is made for ports already existing on the Harbour page. Since there is a lot of attention for air traffic, which already has an comprehensive infobox, this should make seaports more interesting to write about. As the documentation is not ready yet, an example is available here.

The Mass Transit infobox was a largely missed one looking at various diary posts, resulting into alternatives like images as infobox or no infobox at all. Since Public Transit was already used and I don’t know who makes use of it, it’s called Mass transit.

As a nice finishing touch, the infobox it’s colors are customizable, so that it could fit the logo or such so it’s more pleasing to the eye. Note that this is only optional. Read the documentation for more information about how to use it, although it's quite easy to use.

The Military conflict infobox was a nightmare to make. To make it look like the one on Wikipedia, the width of the columns had to be adjusted. Since all infobox columns are made equal by the stylesheet (a code page that tells how everything on the wiki should look), I had to be very creative to solve this, but it worked and now it’s there, looking like it’s big wikipedia brother, but completely build for OGF-use from scratch. It could be used to describe all your conflicts, wars, battles, etc. already there on the Wars and Conflicts page. The information in the preview of this infobox are just placeholders. Please read the documentation for more information how to use it.

Please mind that this infobox is a first version and that things might change quickly in the nearby future. At the moment, a lot of HTML code is used to fill in the infoboxes. Since not all of you know HTML very well, I will try to completely avoid any use of it in the infobox. The existing parameters will most likely stay the same, but nothing can be guaranteed. The use of this infobox is currently at your own risk, you probably need to update things in the future to keep it working.

So what do you guys think? Do you have additions for the infoboxes? Or any other feedback about them? Or maybe other infoboxes you would like to use that don’t exist yet?

City progress: Port of Trevers and Trevers Metro

Posted by PortCal on 3 March 2016 in English (English)

Hello everyone!

It's been a few months since my last progress update and a lot has changed since then. I've been working on all kinds of projects, and there are even more to come. But I'm working slowly on this city and not rushing it.

Autistic as I am, I'm keeping track of everything and made a scheme of my progress including dates and color labels here.

Furthermore, I've been working on two specific projects lately: the port and the metro system. None of them are remotely finished, but it's taking shape and I would like to share some of it with you.

Port of Trevers

I've never been quite good at making ports, and there is not really a "concept" for how to make a perfect one: there are so many different kinds and sizes in the world. But I think I made quite a good start roughly sketching the quays, basins and docks. There is also a new canal to connect the eastern branch of the port with the river Vale. I made a few dams so I didn't have to change too much about the water circulation again.

There is also a ferry terminal right here. I've been trying to work as detailed as I possibly could, leaving some elements not even rendered by Mapnik, but they're there. There is currently one connection and I hope there will be many more in the future.

In front of the ferry terminal I've build some storm surge barriers, to make sure the boats and passengers are safe. These to barriers are on each side and will rotate to the middle point when water is getting to high or too rough.

Trevers Metro

Last update, there were already some "conceptual" metro (call it subway, underground, whatever you like) lines in, above and underneath the suburbs. Now, it's time to connect the dots together and make them to a network. It sure took some time to figure everything out, but here it is: Current metro system in Trevers

The metro system does not work in express and local lines. All lines follow the same route at all times. There are exceptions of course. Some lines with the same number have two branches, creating two possible destinations. This is visible at line 2, 4, 7 and 8. In some situations this may not be perfect, but it's what makes this system realistic.

This metro system is all about interchanges. From every line it's possible to get to the city center with a single interchange or none at all. The metro can get you everywhere in the metropolitan area, but still focuses on the busiest places like Crystal City/GTC, Unity Market and Fletcher Airport. It also connects seamlessly with the railways - and soon tramways too.

There are a few special lines too: Line 5 is a loop around the metropolitan area, providing more stations and faster interchanges. Line 6 is a loop around the city and was finished a closed loop not very long ago. Traffic on both lines runs in both directions.

There are still no stations on the map as the areas still are in development as well as the metro system itself.

Planned expansions

Cities are constantly changing, and the metro cannot fall behind. Currently, the City of Trevers and METRE (transit authority) are completing the new line 9 of the metro system. It will be running from the new business districs of Prestonsburgh in the south via Crystal City, running through a new tunnel segment underneath Downtown Trevers, providing an interchange with line 8 in Unity Market, following the existing track to the east, then bend north to create a direct link with Irvington South and Eagan to split off again to serve the new western neighborhoods of Irvington, cross the railway station, follow the existing track of the current line 8 and conclude with a loop around Caufford and the terminal at the airport, where it meets with the other lines. The branch of line 8 will be closed when line 9 starts operating next year. Current metro system in Trevers

To see the maps at full size, click here to see the album.

So that are - besides the many other smaller changes I made - the two large projects I've been working on. Please let me know what you think and have a nice day!


Location: Foster, Brewton, Trevers, Verona, 82000, Paroy

Struggles with coastline updating

Posted by PortCal on 28 December 2015 in English (English)

Hey there everyone,

I have serious trouble with uploading coastline changes. It has now been 6 days since I've updated my coastline and removed the "San Mateo" stroke west of Trevers, and made it an island instead. Yet, everytime I open JOSM, I can see the multipolygon of the island, it all looks okay, but the OpenGeofiction map simply won't update it.

Also, I've been changing the river Ansy after a correction that it's not logical. So I made it logical. Now the path of the river is clearly visable, cutting through the land how it was before. The coastline should be changed here too. Again: JOSM shows it everytime, OGF simply won't.

Therefor I've also been updating many of my suburbs with streets, buildings and more. It updates almost immediatelly and it's correctly shown.

This is really a struggle after I've waiting for 6 days; I've been looking for breaks in the coastline, I've checked my relations and tags of the coastline, but it's really hard working when my coast is not shown correctly.

So I wondered if anyone had some kind of fix or knows how this is possible. Would really help me.

  • PortCal

First city progress: Trevers

Posted by PortCal on 23 December 2015 in English (English)

Hello folks!

This is my first diary item since I’ve started a few months ago and since I was quiet lately, this seemed like a good thing to start off with.

About 2 months ago – after I’d been playing with some functions and mapping patterns first, I started working on my first real big city: Trevers.

Trevers will be the state capital of Verona, and will also be the second largest city in Paroy. It will be home for over 2 million inhabitants, with a metro area of around 6 million.

The city has many faces, as it is the first city founded by the Ingerish in Paroy, but at the same time is the large lively economic hub with a big focus on tourism and also industry.

The military base in the northwest (Fort Mantess) may seem a little odd in an urban area, but is – together with the Port Melwick harbor, one of the colonial pieces that still remain in the modern city.

It’s not finished at all, only the structures in the city center are there yet. Some parts of the city are already quiet detailed and there are also some random subway lines and a part of a tram network, but it will all expand itself in the coming weeks. At least the “downtown” part of the city looks like a city now and I’m quite proud to share it with you now. The rest of the suburbs are still nodes on the map. These will be built in the coming time.

If you want to take a look, it’s right here -->

Please let me know what you guys think of it, if you’ve got any suggestions for additions or changes, so I can take the advice in the further construction of Trevers.

Location: Los Ranchos, Trevers, Verona, 82000, Paroy
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