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Weekly World #13

Posted by Portopolis on 7 September 2017 in English (English)

The next word is DISASTER.

I have mentioned this before but I live in Houston and Hurricane Harvey has absolutely destroyed our area, I currently have a family of eight living with my family because their house is still under water. I want the word to be disaster as I want to see how people can either-

  • Build a landscape that will avoid a disaster whether it's flooding, landslides or earthquakes or even man-made like an abundance of gated neighborhoods because crime was high, or a refugee camp, (this is pretty hard)

  • Map an area that has been affected by a disaster that again could either be man-made. Leowozy already has a great example in Kalae.

Axian History

Posted by Portopolis on 7 June 2017 in English (English)

So I've been thinking, with regions across the world like the Middle east, The West or Western Europe, East Africa/West Africa, Sub-saharan Africa, Central America, East Asia, Central Asia, SE Asia etcetera which all share a few cultural, racial or religious similarities. Why can't there be an Axian identity? My idea was to create an Axian bliki or some sort of history page, were Axians and nearby countries could discuss history, collaboration and everything possible related to Axia. I have already gotten positive feedback from the majority of the Peninsula (still haven gotten two replies), and thus I'm going ahead with my idea.

The reason for this User Diary is to involve non-Axian nations, as in most regions, their were likely outside influences to Axian history, things like Khaiwoonese trading, and Commonia's close location as well as Belphenia's similar language origin and location could all tie into Axian history. As the User Diaries sees a lot more eyes than the wiki does, and I feel anyone in the community could contribute ideas or info that could help us truly get a cohesive history going.

My main inspirations for this was Luciano- as he posted one thing he thought likely impossible was a "world history", and I took that as a challenge. Who knows if history can be at least cohesive regionally we can eventually get the entire world connected. I was also inspired by the collaboration between Paroy and Mallorjhe.

While this might lead to more in depth/heated discussion and almost likely to lead to overwikification. The main and core purpose as Leowozy roughly stated:

  • A shared history between our region, specifically, Ancient peoples, migrations, empires and how our nations became "Industrialized", as clearly NW/Central Uletha is the origin of Industrialization similar to real world England and later Western Europe.

Also a clarification on shared identity, I don't mean the Axian peninsula having the exact same cultures but instead traits that developed from History that apply to most/all Axian countries. Like for example, a proliferation of railways in our nations could be attributed roughly to the time that Rail came to most Axian countries and a rejection of the car as a vehicle of transport, or a business lingua franca between Axian nations that is unique to the Peninsula. A current example of nations which have a "shared identity' as I describe it, is how both Zylanda and Latina classify people of foreign backgrounds as "strangers", something as subtle as that could tie into "Shared Identity".

Cruise Lines

Posted by Portopolis on 23 March 2017 in English (English)

I would like to have a go at making several Hopponese Cruise Companies (They would mostly operate in Ingerish), Their would be at least 4 multi-billion dollar companies here are my ideas. At least three of them would operate primarily out of Marie City but while I want these cruise lines to be world wide and would like to have partnerships were secondary or equal sized cruise liners would be located in other scenic parts of the world. I don't want to completely dominate the Cruise industry but I would like to have a largish portion of it.

My ideas for Routes would be- Axian Peninsula- (Visit cities in Wiwaxia/ Kojo/ Ataraxia/ Hoppon/ Pasundan Padjadaran North Asperic- (visit cities in Antharia/Khaiwoon/Gobrassanya/Lallemand/Brugas/Hoppon and/or surrounding countries (north of Lallemand) Islandic Uletha- (Onnutu/Lallemand /Cariocas/Suvuma/Samiloor/Lonowai

Then smaller routes would be worldwide and most liekly partnerships sort of how Norwegian is actually half Asian cruise line half European/North american cruise line... Broceliande-Mallorjhe routes (If tparigo and/or refried sushi would let me. Paxtar- of course with permission from owner. Latina- Ardishpere Pretany Kalm etc.

I am just throwing ideas out there, and I don't expect Hoppon to have complete dominance of the cruise industry but I personally think it would be cool if Marie City could be known as the cruise Capital of the world. Sort of like if you want your Cruise Line to go global or something similar you might have to partner with a Hopponese businessman. I was also thinking of possible ways I could include money laundering and other crimes committed that might involve cruise ships into Hopponese/World Criminal underground.


Marie City

Posted by Portopolis on 24 December 2016 in English (English)

Welcome to Marie City, the primate city of Hoppon and the center of a huge megalopolis (possibly might be the biggest "metro" in OGF)!

I want to hear your ideas on how I can improve what I already map and what I should try to incorporate into the future. I am not even close to done but if you see how much mapping I have been doing over the break, it may appear that this city just appeared out of nowhere. I still need to create a wiki article and most of my ideas have been written on paper. But this is the brainchild of Hong Kong and Tokyo openstreetmap+google (most of my ideas are from there).

Some tidbits. Their are zero named roads because I am using the Japanese address system, which uses blocks instead of intersections to find were you are. and so it will be easier to go and name roads after if they are either numbers or just major roads.

The Construction areas are places I reserved for future mapping, since often cities will have a large "block", whether it is the blocks including Central Park, New York. Or Tokyo's imperial palace, or simply a large school or university, these blocks are reserved for unknown things I might put in the future such as a stadium or large hotel..

Some of my poorer areas will also have large blocks and the words "danchi" because it is supposed to be a large collection of government housing. Here is one in Nete

I did this to "distinguish" rich and poor because in dense cities like Tokyo their isn't much "geographical difference" as in the rich and poor often have similar sized apartments and houses, and the main difference is that the rich/middle class areas tend to cluster around the center of Tokyo and to the vast majority of eastern wards. While the poorest areas are either near red light districts in the center or along the river in the northern wards of the city. Tokyo also has "danchi", but the ones in my city are large and more noticeable compared to Tokyo's.

My rail is probably the worst part of my mapping. I'm not used to rail and while I am not trying to remake Japan, it is sort of hard to make a Japanese-like country with my own aspects thrown in without "extensive" rail.

I plan on making this city connect to Nobunaga (hence the shared International Airport), so think of this metro as huge probably going to be close to 20 million people living in the area including Nobunaga.

Finally, I plan to be hyperactive, this break with my mapping, so check in every few days to this thread to put more critiques. At the rate I'm going I am doing one "ku"(ward) a day. I have around twenty wards, to go till the actual city limits of Marie City is finished. So if I can keep my pace (unlikely), I will be able to roughly have a 325 square kilometer city. If you have any questions about the city just ask.

UNRELATED: Sorry for the delay, Nigerian pictures but I should be able to get mos to the good photos uploaded and posted on here before January Second. I will try to keep you guys posted about the photos.

Location: Minato-ku, Port, Marie City, Chikyō Prefecture, 法本 (Hōppon)

Poor vs. Wealthy

Posted by Portopolis on 13 December 2016 in English (English)

As the majority of you guys know. This world is extremely wealthy when compared to earth because most people want a country that is rich. Of course I felt the urge to build a United States like country since I live in the U.S, and I am sure it is the same for msot of you guys. I so far have not made any extremely wealthy countries but made two nations that likely will be middle of the road. Hoppon somewhere between China/Malaysia/Eastern Europe levels of development. Lallemand, better than most African nations but still pretty poor. I want to ask more specifically if any of you guys implement poverty into you mapping. By what I mean, extremely wealthy areas even in a high density situation are lower density (30 apartments per floor vs. 4) while poor areas are a lot higher density. This is not true across the board but can be followed in any country that isn't the U.S.

Also as someone who is interested in criminal activity (don't take this the wrong way), just as much as city planning. Almost every city I build have accompanying murder rates to follow. I was wondering how is criminal activity in your country. Who commits crimes? Is it poor immigrants? Is it teenagers or young adults? Or is it middle aged men (gangsters)? Is it rural people moving to an urban environment? How do gangs normally start in your country, or is there even any gangs?

their are some pages, that you can add to the dark side of your cities if you want to As mentioned early since I like detective shows and the history of crime and how policies have been made that lower or higher crime etc. Most cities on this list are from my nation of Lallemand.

Metropolitan Divisions

Posted by Portopolis on 11 November 2016 in English (English)

This is kind of a "fun" post to talk about metropolitan divisions which is usually an area of several suburbs (As in not counted as part of the main municipality) that have something in common whether income geography etcetera. It is kind of cool to divide a metro into things like that and truly no large metro unless one were the main city is absolutely dominating sort of like Houston, Texas were I live, or sprawl is equal in all general directions; don't have these divisions. Even in the Houston example their are regions that people normally group as slightly separate in the Houston area like Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Montgomery County's but these don't really count. Real World Examples- North Shore Chicago- wealthy towns on the lake north of Chicago. Best Southwest Dallas- A region of Dallas that is known mostly for it's high AA middle class. NOVA- Northern Virginia suburbs that have their own CBD's and while connected to D.C is an impressive area of multiple million people Main Line- Philadelphia (collection fo historically wealthy suburbs) etcetera. This isn't just an American concept it is just that America popped to my mind first. As you can see they vary in sizes from as little as 160,000 people (Best SW) to more than 3.5 million (NOVA).

Here are some named and unnamed OGF examples. South Gobras city Area- (unnamed) discussed this with indyroads???? or another mapper in the area a few months back that the economy while not solely based has a large amount of its GDP coming in from the grooming and breeding of horses. East Gobras city Area-(unnamed), it is just a cluster of suburbs east of Gobras not sure what they would be known for. Depending on the number of commuters the Marapura area and a few of the bordering suburbs can be called Gobrasi Khaiwoon or something. Pargiter-Misselthwaite- This area of Wiwaxia could be called something as it is in commuting distance of Wiwaxmouthe. Depending on Commuting patterns could be a metropolitan division of Pyingshum. Several areas of VC that can become a division. Quentinsburgh North- Don't know if this is named but the coast between these two cities could realistically be developed into a Jersey Shore like area of suburbs that grew between Vandover-Laneston and Quentinsburgh.

This is the best example of what an article would look like about this division.

Novograd and Avewood Criticism

Posted by Portopolis on 18 July 2016 in English (English)

I am planning on redoing both of these cities and using my current experience in Nigeria to make them feel more third world like. For example both of These cities are entirely too connected, while in Nigeria on map a city may look indistinguishably connected, but in real life their may only be one road connecting two areas of 100,000 people. Since this city has a plethora of grids they are a lot more connected than a true third world (unplanned) city would be. I plan on putting a lot more industrial areas in both those cities and deleting a downgrading a few highways and streets. I would like constructive criticism (not having to deal with railroads for either city as Avewood for commuter rail is a mess. While the Novograd government doesn't allow commuter rail. I will most likely ask for help with railroads after reading a few wiki articles.) on these cities and what you think I should focus on. Seeing as computer access is bad you may not see me edit these cities at all for a few weeks, it just depends on a few factors.

Avewood- Novo grad-

My Absence

Posted by Portopolis on 12 July 2016 in English (English)

I am currently in Nigeria on vacation and Internet has been poor so I haven't been active at all on OGF as I would like to.

Also I saw the Japan Photos thread, and thought that since most people lived in wealthy countries taking pictures of poor urban areas and wealthy urban areas Ina poor country like Nigeria could help those trying to plan a third world country. Just in case anyone might need photos I will try to get a couple dozen shots of Port Harcourt and Lagos. Also I might get a few photos of Accra, Ghana.

New Pseudo-Japanese Language Group

Posted by Portopolis on 8 March 2016 in English (English)

This was discussed in the wiki but I was thinking if we could create a language group spanning Kojo, Hoppon, Belphenia and Paxtar based on the Hopponese, Nihonish and Kojolese languages. If possible we could create a birthplace for these languages if the surrounding users were okay with it, in Wiwaxia or Ataraxia also Wiwaxia, Ataraxia and Pasundan-Padjadjaran could have ethnic minorities who spoke a Pseudo-Japanese language.

I hope by creating this user diary we could create a name for this language group and establish a region were the "Proto-people" or pioneers of the original language lived. I wouldn't want to put limits on any of my neighbors but would like if they could help with the possible formation of such a region into their early histories. Any country who wants to be included and is near the region feel free to add your own language. In fact you could be on another continent like Paxtar and can add to the language group. I don't want to restrict anyone and just want to make a history.

For names I already have a few. Axian Language Group (Axian Peninsula)

Palian Language Group (Sound of Pa)

"Unnamed Peninsula" Language Group (Peninsula were Kojo, Belphenia, Orinoco, Xerneas and Hoppon are located on, the larger peninsula that the Axian Peninsula spurns from)

Paxian Language Group (Sound of Pa+ Axian Peninsula)

Soulethan Language Group (Southern Uletha although it is in SE Uletha)

Location: Zintan-Olkwam-Mani-Pang, Hijimēsha-sur, [White Coast]-region, Kojo

Khaiwoonese Diaspora

Posted by Portopolis on 26 January 2016 in English (English)

If possible could we get an official count? It seems that every country including mine has a Khaiwoonese diaspora and I think we might eventually need to explain why the Khaiwoonese diaspora is most likely many times larger than the actual population. Is Khaiwoon like Ireland/ England in having very large worldwide diasporas due to movement of people outside of Khaiwoon. Maybe when Khaiwoon was the focal point of trading in this hemisphere many people moved from Khaiwoon too other places.'I can reduce my diaspora but currently my numbers are 50,000 in Hoppon mostly due to Proximity and a similar vague SE Asian culture. 700,000 in Lallemand, this is entirely due to Lallemand being extremely close by and centuries of Khaiwoonese traders getting goods from Lallemand as only Gobrassanya and maybe 1 or 2 other nations are closer to Khaiwoon. Most of the Khaiwoonese here are of mixed heritage and similar to the African Americans were the average AA is 20% European or Japanese Brazilians that have a completely different culture or Japanese Americans were at least 50% of the population is marrying out. Any thoughts? I plan on reducing the population for Lallemand so their should be under half a million Khaiwoonese when I am done. But what about the other dozen natiosn with Khaiwoonese Diasporas how many are they? Do they number more than Khaiwoon? Is there a possible way we could incorporate them into Khaiwoon's history? Because Khaiwoon is the most or one of the most advanced countries map wise and history wise many nations look to Khaiwoon and so the Khaiwoonese diaspora is worldwide.

Avewood- Constructive Criticism

Posted by Portopolis on 29 November 2015 in English (English)

I have been working on my country, Lallemand and Specifically Avewood for a full year now. I have learned new things in building my country and Southern capital region for nearly one year now. I made a lot of early mistakes and I'd like to thank OGF user's in general for their ideas and specifically Luciano, isleno (My country flag) and histor for their help. Also above all BMSOUZA for helping me with the mess of a city I had when Avewood was first founded. (He helped me with my dozen Highway intersections around the city). I am currently working on the core of Avewood and still building more of it's suburban sprawl and poor neighborhood's. I would like some constructive criticism on what I need to fix, I am trying to make Avewood although a planned city like Abuja, More Africans on the outskirts and will be adding infill roads and building later. I also need to work on my inter-city rail, (about 60% of citizens are dirt poor, have informal economy jobs, and can't afford a car so they walk . This explains why crime can drop so quickly neighborhood to neighborhood as criminals can't afford cars and don't know how to drive). North Novograd- Although non of the smaller streets are named here is an example of African-like build that I did in this section of the country. Avewood- The place with the rail station Old City will be the only place with African like build within the city, I will be using pedestrian roads to build this area. Westriver- New project of a rich exurban community of Avewood (Within one-two hour drive by highway), this city will be surrounded by poor suburbs of all major ethnicities- Ife, Ebibi and Ogbuefi Edo. Mbanta and other cities- Another African inspired city that is a suburb of Praetor Hills and Avewood, because commuters work there. This is different because multiple streets belong to an Estate so will have the same street name. Mostly dirt poor and lower middle class folk. Please give me tips on any of the above mentioned ideas or projects but would like if most tips were centered on Avewood city limits itself. Also here is a short wiki- You can use this to judge which are the poorer neighborhoods and which are the richer neighborhoods based on crime and give tips on how to show a poorer neighborhood and a richer neighborhood. You can also use density numbers although they aren't exactly accurate their probably close to the actual number.

Help with Relations

Posted by Portopolis on 3 June 2015 in English (English)

I am not exactly sure how to do relations, I am currently trying to organize regions in my 2nd country Hoppon, but I'm not sure how to make relations can anyone help me out by eplaining and also making some relations for my countries regions. which are Uemura Region- Rory, Lake Uemura and Nete are located in this region Tanaka Region- Carain, Kinashita, Yeet, Yagga, Coram, Sables du Nord are located here. Kinashita Region- Nottogarre is located here,Endo is located here, It is just south of Yonne Province in Ataraxia and Trax a city in Ataraxia. Masuzoe Province- Masuzoe Lake, Nabunga, Saichi, Ryoku and other cities are located here. I am trying to make them show on the map kind of like what Ataraxia is doing.

Murder in Paradise: Avewood

Posted by Portopolis on 24 March 2015 in English (English)

(I was inspired by some of the other User's story about development in their country (Drevet especially)) I am Ife Kwane reporting for Lallemand Diary. Today we are going to talk about our largest city, Avewood. Avewood has been seen as the epitome of success and urban development in Lallemand it currently is one of the Top 10 biggest cites in the world. At 3.6 million it is also the largest city in the Central Ocean. It is sister cities with grand places like Itacolomi But, Avewood has a dark side. Away from the glitz of Downtown Marina, the tourist trap of Ikeja City, the high tech new Airport, and the hip cool blocks of Cross-Ridge. Lies Avewood's best kept secret, Umuofia. Umuofia at nearly 800,000 people is squeezed into a barely 10 km area people live in huge 30 story apartment that looked like they have been shelled out. A building meant for 10,000 poor people now has 60,000 living in squalor. At nearly 700 murders a year Umuofia contains 55% of all Avewood murders with just 22% of the population. This district only allows 4 men police patrols and nearly half of all night patrols take place in this district. This year over 40 officers have been assaulted or killed (7) while patrolling this district. 6 years ago this district reached a murder rate of 124.45 per 100,000. The government has been deciding whether to send the army in as crime has already spilled into all surrounding districts and even into suburban areas. This district has apartment buildings that have been raided nearly 200 times in the past decade. Their are checkpoints leading out and into the district on all 4 sides which has benefited keeping the City of Mmeri safe with an incredible murder rate of 6/100,000 yet bordering Umuofia for a mile. At this rate the referendum in June will pass for The military to not just enforce martial law on the district s apartments but to move the curfew of 9:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I am shoked that over half of these murder are The district though is some how growing as more and more poor rural villagers leave the safe countryside to dense Umuofia. They may seek a chance to earn money for remittances and a "higher standard of living", but the may very well end up in a graveyard before the year is up.,000_inhabitants

Measuring Cities Area

Posted by Portopolis on 6 March 2015 in English (English)

As I don't use josm (computer problems), I would like if anyone could measure my city area as I would like to make my cities to population density accordingly. Yes some areas of my cities will have high population density (Paris, France) as everyone will live in apartments that are incredibly small there are 10-15 stories high, similar to central Paris. Their are only 2/10 districts where the majority of people live in houses. I just wanted to make a population density chart for all my major cities (over 100,000)- . I have all my cities on the map and if you need help finding one just PM me. but If you can't do that, please help on just Avewood- Thanks in advance for any help.


Posted by Portopolis on 18 February 2015 in English (English)

As I am a stats junkie I was thinking of making a Homicide list,000_inhabitants I currently have one city here but as I build out I will expect to build more overall poor and crime ridden cities to balance out an image that is similar to 2nd world or so, since most OGF countries in terms of crime seem to be low on the totem poll most likely my country will end up with 10 or so cities from Lallemand on the list. I am doing this compared to some crime rates for some other countries that are 3rd world entering 2nd or (Developing vs. Developed) Nigeria, Solidly 2nd world entering first Mexico and Brazil which are countries unlike Nigeria have a few to majority, relatively safe cities but are overshadowed by extremely violent cities. Unlike Nigeria which has relatively unsafe cities but large nice neighborhoods in this city.

Finished City and Suburbs

Posted by Portopolis on 13 January 2015 in English (English)

I have finally finished my first city completely besides schools and other important buildings and also some minor road edits etc. The only thing I need to work on is Old City. There is almost zero references to Nigeria in Avewood except for the suburb of am ants. For a more Nigerian city see nearby Novograd's north side. Where I workrdd with my friend alb19. Honorable mentions goes to BMSOUZA who helped with my highways I will post links for Avewood and Novograd in Avewood I named every street in Novograd We only named a few streets. Please give some constructive criticism. The area is everything within the 2 prefectures of Avewood and Okugun. MPC stands for MPC as the rich live their you can also also find populations on the wiki the inner city is very high dense. The only thing I need to know is the areas of towns and cities in the region and also neighborhoods so I can see the population density and make it more realistic. The city is a city with the ethnic diversity of Lagos and population Density with way bigger buildings so up to even 2-3 times the population density of Lagos in many areas. This is a city like Istanbul a city of apartments but with Nigerian density so 10+ people to a 1000-2000 square foot apartment in the poorest areas (Umuofia,Azonto refugee camp some parts of Northend and very few buildings in North Coast.

Avewood Novograd

Avewood Suburbs Project

Posted by Portopolis on 22 November 2014 in English (English)

I am going to be working on smaller cities in my country and would really like help on my city Avewood with its suburbs. Thanks in advance. My cities each have at least one thing unique about the suburb. This is going to be my oly american looking area in my country the rest will be solely African predominately Nigeria, South Africa and West African based.

The Villa- Build casino in city center and large park on western end of city. Also work on streets (english names)

Oboagbodo- Work on castle grounds and city center

Praetor Hills- Garden or Green City of my country build lots of small gardens and parks even a winding forest. Street grid based on The Woodlands and Cinco Ranch, TX like a master planned community. Small 8 by 4 block downtown. The rest suburbia like CR and The Woodlands.

Fonisha- work on Zoo and City Center

North Obodo- Not a real place yet. Everything East of Fela Street north of Port Obodo university ( yes I know Oceanautics isn't a real word) and stadium. Street grid is supposed to be 3 seperate small villages that combined to make North Obodo Ndida Avewood Build a Super mall near the southern border and Ndida Beach. Also work on street grid to look like the Airport district of Avewood. Please post any questions and again thank you for helping because most of you have your own countries to work with. Also post where your working and what you have done so far under here thank you.


Posted by Portopolis on 15 November 2014 in English (English)

Me and my friend alb120 joined 2 weeks and 2 days ago respectively. We made this country called Lallemand or (Lallemanya) South of Khaiwoon, north of Ilhas Carrocas, and east of Onnutu Islands and I hope you guys can check it out and give some constructive criticism. You guys are free to add things yourselves on the Southern Islands where my capital Avewood is located. We are both American HS students and the only experience I have in mapping is of mostly simple hand drawn maps of imaginary cities. I however went to Texas State Geography Bee earlier this year. I am from Nigeria and my sentence structure may seem way off as Nigerian Pidgin English mixed with British English was my first language. For example before I moved here I always thought that the word "heard" was pronounced differently from the word "herd" and even today I still say "He-arrd" instead of "Herd" like it is 2 syllables. Zoom Out

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