What's going on around UL 206 & 207?

Posted by TheTrashMan on 29 December 2019 in English (English).

Ok so this may have happened a while ago and I am just oblivious, but has someone split the liberan peninsula into 2?

Location: 18.000, 57.000

Comment from eleinads on 29 December 2019 at 20:20

I hadn’t noticed, because I’m in a (hopefully short) period of rest after two years of intense mapping. But I would like to know more. I don’t think it’s allowed by the guidelines to turn a peninsula into an island. Who knows something?

Comment from iiEarth on 30 December 2019 at 00:09

I think so Stjur did so to make Uletha look more natural (not accusing)?

Comment from TheTrashMan on 30 December 2019 at 00:40

@eleinads Yeah that’s what I was thinking. If it’s admins then, of course, I can’t argue, but it’s such a massive change that would completely alter the geopolitics of the region. Basically all of my plans for Islatramma are based off of the fact that it is at the (or, was at the) only sea passage between south Uletha and north Tarephia, which I also believe is the justification of Porto Colon in Latina being so large.

Comment from mstr on 30 December 2019 at 00:42

It’s a precursor of the climate change: the rising sea level flooded parts of the landmass. Fortunately there was no excellent mapping, so everything seems to be fine.

Comment from eleinads on 30 December 2019 at 00:47

I also don’t argue if it’s an admin’s choice ! I thought it was the rash choice of a user. But I also think that the implications are many. For example, in the wiki there are many references to the “Liberian Peninsula” (starting from the page dedicated to the Union of the Liberian Peninsula). Can we change them all? However, really nothing to say to the administrators, we would miss anything else; I just have to thank them for what they do. Mine are just reflections.

Comment from TheTrashMan on 30 December 2019 at 02:37

@eleinads Yes I agree. I respect the administrators immensely for their work and effort, and would certainly allow them the final word on world decisions. But I feel the ramifications of this change will be huge, for a change that isn’t particularly necessary. My biggest qualm is really the lack of notice or information on this change.

Comment from stjur on 30 December 2019 at 08:10 - the creation of this strait has been first proposed here, where you can also find the main reasons for the change. Also on the map in histor style there are additional notes on the new territories created around the strait. There is a whole lot that needs to be changed about Central West Uletha on the wiki, but this will happen only after the big changes on the map are done.

Comment from histor on 30 December 2019 at 09:35

Indeed some shipping-lines are to change - now taking the shorter way through the new sund instead of the way east of the new island (what may making Islatramma more important). Unforseen work on one side - but on the other the chance for new connections. The lines from Porto Colon I will cheque in next time - may be then there can be some of new interesting new routes for harbours, til now without a line. But that means also, that the “owner” of ports may say o.k. for new shipping lines.

Comment from stjur on 30 December 2019 at 10:16

After the big changes in Archanta and West Uletha and the changes to come to East Uletha and Tarephia, shipping lines would need to be heavily reorganized, after all we now have many new potential world port locations in the FSA and the new former colonial powers in West Uletha, while other former shipping line destinations are lost. I would prefer if the OGF rules for shipping lines were stricter and drawing international lines was limited to only one or a few users in the future.

Comment from histor on 30 December 2019 at 10:43

The rules are “freedom of the sae”. Means: User of port A and port B together say o.k. to a shipping line and then you can draw the line. What sort of bureaucracie you mean now?

Comment from TheTrashMan on 30 December 2019 at 11:09

@stjur Hiya! good to hear from the man himself! All I see on this page is about the new sea in South Uletha, that doesn’t really involve me so I have no comment on anything in regards to that, but I would really want to make sure that my voice is heard regarding the whole Liberian Peninsula thing. For me, it seems like the solution to a problem nobody has, that will cause issue and frustration to me and the people with surrounding territories.

Comment from TheTrashMan on 30 December 2019 at 11:19

@stjur Also just want to be clear that in text it can be hard to convey tone, especially when we have many people who are not native speakers, but I am definitely not angry or trying to start an argument, merely making sure my voice is heard.

Comment from stjur on 30 December 2019 at 12:38

@histor It’s a thought I’ve had for a while, I’ll tell you in detail what I mean sometimes in the future.

@Jamie Clumpas Read the discussion more carefully, there are full paragraphs about the strait on that talk page. The change isn’t related to your area in any way really, except that you now can add French or Arabic influenced to your country if you so desire. However, if you have arguments against the strait, you are more than welcome to express them, the changes are only sketches at the moment anyway.

Comment from TheTrashMan on 30 December 2019 at 21:13

@stjur Ah, I see them now. No wonder I didn’t know this was happening, that was quite hard to find!

I would say that the change really does affect me. Essentially, the entire basis for Islatramma Is its position at the opening of the sea of Uthyra. Previously, all ships bound to northern Tarephia from southern Ulytha and other continents would pass Islatramma. This basis for Islatramma’s economy is shipping and transhipment from being in such a strategic location, with other trades, such as artisanship and shipbuilding being caused by this. With the new straight, this is no longer anywhere near as logical as it was before, as most historical and modern ship routes would take the new straight, which also completely changes how I must devise my nation’s history.

Comment from histor on 30 December 2019 at 23:02

Islatramma lost only a way Strait of Abren - Khaiwoon, but gets some new traffic from eastern Tarephai to southern Uletha with the new sund. So I think, there the addition is +/- = 0. On the other hand: If Islatrammas port is so important, why I get never a question from you, that the ships of Porto Colon may make a stop in your harbour?

Comment from mstr on 30 December 2019 at 23:28

@histor it is quite easy to explain: the only port in Islatramma was not mapped by the current owner (but was the largest in the list), similar to cities and airports. Always the same story :’(

Comment from stjur on 31 December 2019 at 00:21

@Jamie The connection between the Sea of Uthyra and the Asperic Ocean is not a strait, it’s an about 500km/300mi wide corridor of international waters, so shipping routes would historically and presently not pass through your port unless you give them a good reason to, by mapping a great port city worthy of being an international shipping line destination and having been one in the past, which you still can do as much as you could before. Currently you’re very inactive and have barely made any edits to your territory though.

Comment from TheTrashMan on 31 December 2019 at 04:10

@stjur I won’t argue with that, I am very busy with school and 2 jobs, and unfortunately OGF, despite my immense enjoyment of it, gets left in the dust somewhat. It’s a damn shame. I’ve just begun my summer break and was glad to get to do my own personal ‘city sprint’ of sorts, after months of planning in my head and on paper. So I guess the change has just taken the wind out of my sails somewhat. I apologise for being difficult in any way. While I still remain opposed to the new straight, I can see it’s benefits and will make do with what I’ve got.

@mstr I’m just going to ignore this comment :-)

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