Loken Regional Airport

Posted by computerfan0 on 20 April 2018 in English (English)

I am making a new airport in Gobrassanya: Loken Regional Airport. This is a very small airport .

Comment from stjur on 20 April 2018 at 19:42

wow, good job on the runway tagging :o

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Comment from zhenkang on 21 April 2018 at 01:53

It will be better if you provide the link to your airport.

The scale is very off; it is too small. The runway on the east side is seriously too short. (Seriously? 200m of the runway?) And what about these random routes?

@ Stjur I don't totally like the sarcasm.

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Comment from stjur on 21 April 2018 at 07:25

@Zhenkang I didn't mean it sarcastically at all, I learned about runway tagging while mapping the International Airport in Bărădin, Antharia and I was very impressed seeing a beginner like computerfan0 doing it right while more advanced mappers like you have absolutely no idea about it and choose random and completely irrelevant runway names (see the International Airport in Odessa, ~Ukraine~ Singkangia). Also the scale of the airport is fine, as runways for general aviation for example can be as short as around 800ft (which it is).

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Comment from zhenkang on 21 April 2018 at 09:22

Alright. By the way I am planning to change the name of Odessa to Oridiev-Yesan.

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Comment from Jesus Antonio on 22 April 2018 at 21:01

I never noticed nothing about the odessa airport.

Also, try to not make super-small airports, or forest-covered airports. Downgrade streets, airports usually have hangars and some grass, terminals with shops and other type of commercial points. Notice that by the way, is very hard to draw an airport, and the last thing you should do building a city is an airport. And also, Aiports are some far away of cities (Your airport is good positionated, there is not problem in that). But i'd recommend taking RW airports for inspiration.

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Comment from iiEarth on 25 April 2018 at 23:18

I agree with Jesus Antonio, and also, can you please modify Old Tanville Road a bit, because that's crookeder than Lombard Street (no offense).

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