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Posted by geoboi on 7 June 2017 in English (English)

I am looking for some tips as to how I can make Montecari an AMAZING city (almost as good as Quentinsburgh)! If anyone wants to give me tips, such as where to add another freeway, what I can do for the airport, or anything else, please feel free!!!

Location: E Harbor Ave, Montecari, Leresso

Comment from Ernestpcosby on 7 June 2017 at 21:41

The biggest thing I notice with Montecari and Aldures is scale. The Montecari Zoo seems to be about the right size, but a lot of the city, from the grid (and distance between the two sides of the motorway) to the buildings seem a tad bit exaggerated/oversized.

If you're using iD or Potlatch 2, I'd recommend opening OpenStreetMap and looking up real life well-mapped cities (I usually look at Raleigh, Cincinnati, Chicago, Washington D.C., NYC, and Montreal, which are all well mapped, but those are all American cities; it doesn't sound like you're going for an American style city (which is good!) so maybe try looking in Europe). The mapping style and zooms are mostly the same as in OGF, so if you're trying to figure out how to draw a certain type of building, you can find a real life version for reference so you can make sure things are sized right. What I do is open OpenStreetMap in another tab, zoom into the same zoom as I am in OGF, (the zoom number is in the URL of the page your on) and compare so I get the right size with what I'm mapping.

Another thing I notice is the street grid. This is something I struggle with as well, but you want to combine both a level of organic roadways (likely the ones that were the oldest or shaped by terrain) and organization where there is a grid. In the parts of the city with a grid, you do want to make an effort in most cases to make roads parallel to each other. The way that you make it more realistic after making these roads parallel is by "breaking the grid", perhaps by having a more organically shaped roadway cut through the area cutting certain streets off, ending some streets early/having gaps in some minor streets, or by some sort of terrain forcing part of the grid to end or to curve around something else.

The one thing that I'm still struggling with with Quentinsburgh that would help you a lot would be starting off with waterways and terrain before you get too far. Realistically, the terrain, forests, natural areas, and waterways/rivers/lakes precede the city and help shape how it grows, and placing a realistic set of rivers and wooded areas will help you make a more realistic street grid that responds to the terrain.

I'm flattered that you like Quentinsburgh that much XD but there are many great cities in OGF that might be helpful to look at too (Gobras City, Khaiwoon, Tarott, St. Richards, Latina, Remiville, Trevers, Patriot City, etc etc etc :) )

Hopefully these tips help. Happy Mapping,


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Comment from geoboi on 8 June 2017 at 02:54

I really appreciate the super helpful tips. Ernest, if you see anything in Montecari or Aludres that you know you can fix, please be my guest.

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