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Posted by kingfries on 4 January 2019 in English (English)

Happy New Year folks! Currently started redoing my capital city. Maybe this time a bit more... spaced properly. Looking to finish embassy area this week or so. . We'll see. If finished will invite you. Also worked on an island, really proud on myself for actually showing some signs of focusing ahem ahem Will learn editing links too. Been here since late DEC '15, about time I do. But off to bed now, its 2.30am almost.

Happy new year, Happy mapping, Greetings Kingfries

Comment from zhenkang on 4 January 2019 at 03:22

All the best and happt new year!

Are there any major companies from Pasalia?

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Comment from Alessa on 5 January 2019 at 06:03

Happy new year. There's some good stuff here! Much of the way the land-reclamation is laid out looks like a realistic progression. There are five things I'd like to suggest you think about as you go forward with your island.

  • Why is the island so densely populous? There are a lot of reasons, but that should be very apparent. There's not a lot of space for many things. Tourism is probably the focus from the way it looks now. Military seems to be a secondary... and there really isn't space for that.
  • With an island that small, the airport takes up an inordinate amount of space. Wouldn't a small airstrip or a seaplane base be more useful? I'd estimate not much more than 3k–5k as a population at maximum on this space. If you feel that an airport is required, the topography as it stands suggests that an airstrip could be placed along the eastern edge of the island (oriented NNE–SSW) like from here through Irvings Dune. It might look a bit weird in one sense, but it presently looks a bit unnatural with the reclamation. Another option might be to have more of the island on the northwestern area of the airfield. It could be a hill or more town. Think how the airfield is in Gibraltar.
  • There are a lot of tunnels on the island, which are expensive to build and maintain. There doesn't need to be a bypass tunnel of Port Earnest. The settlement is so small and the island not populous enough to warrant such an expense. Plus, if it thrives on tourism like it appears, you'd want the nominal traffic to go straight through.
  • The naval facility is a bit improbable opening into the tiny strait. Remember that the water is shallow enough to do land reclamation, and the rocks nearby suggest reefs or other obstacles. I strongly suggest opening it up to the sea directly, where a ship is less likely to run aground or be marooned.
  • Lastly, the building detail is great. The only thing I'd mention is that the streets are very, very narrow. This could be a blissfully intentional thing! Right now there's not enough distance for two lanes of traffic and sidewalks (3m per lane minimum + 1m per sidewalk minimum). Ditch Street, for example, is only wide enough for a small pedestrian alley and not even a single motor vehicle. Since you're using iD and not JOSM, it'll be difficult to space these things, so I suggest using the scale viewer to compare to real-world places. This, however, could be a benefit to you. If this is a tourism town, there's not a way for all the cars to get there (no car ferry disembarking point). So, make the majority of these pedestrian ways and the rest as one-way "residential" streets. That'll also make it look so much more realistic.

I hope this helps! Keep up the good work.

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Comment from Sarepava on 5 January 2019 at 17:43

Alessa is right, you have a country the size of Wales with a huge military range and what looks like a superpower-scale capital city.

I think the Pasaliopolis naval base is realistically sited - it's near the open sea, but sheltered from storms and in an area less likely to be populated. However, it makes no sense for the capital city to be out on a peninsula like this unless there is some special reason eg for defence. All capital cities require convenient connections to the rest of the country - so few major cities are ever built out on a limb like this (Singapore is at the end of a peninsula, but is near other islands, and on a major shipping route which was militarily important in the past).

Passington should be a main ferry and cargo port and possibly even the site of the capital city. Why? It's located at the mouth of a major river that provides access far inland - don't forget that ships are the main way to move large volumes of cargo and they want to get as close to the interior as they can find deep water. Look at Etatono in the nearby Ullanye - it has a port at the mouth of the large river, which is a natural harbour. (Blowing my own trumpet, look at Santjana or Paliiso, again natural harbours which is why the cities developed here as centres of commerce and/or defence).

Your buildings are nice though, and there is a good level of detail. The capital city you have started is reasonably believable, although a few issues with likely traffic access and congestion.

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Comment from kingfries on 6 January 2019 at 00:12

@Sarepava, yeah like I said, there are many issues to be taken care of, Generally everything outside of the capital city area can be ignored. I also have the situation that the geography around Pasalia has changed significantly, The Peninsula actually used to be at a narrow strait, across from it was another peninsula of a neighbouring country. Seen my Island I've been working on? There used to be land there! Basically creating an enourmous natural bay all the way down to where Udi now has his...uhh... alien language country. I think the Wiki article of Antarephia still shows the old layout in which also the first location I choose made a lot more sense. Same with Passington which used to be a simple land border and now theres an entire bay to the south. The ,,Northern Border Control Facility'' actually used to in a different country already.Its not easy developing places when half of the damn continent is constantly changing and I'm not sure if anyone else had to deal with problems like that.

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Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 6 January 2019 at 15:52

Kingfries - all good points. I don't think that the countries round about changing is anything exceptional in OGF - this has happened almost everywhere and its something we just have to live with. It will carry on for the foreseeable. As I remember it, Pasaliapolis came before that bay and the (now deleted) peninsula to the south were made. On the island: I agree with Alessa. At the moment a few things don't hang together, for example the orientation of the airstrip looks odd and it would be more logical for it to be aligned NW to SE. Perhaps it would be even better to move the military stuff onto another nearby island. The old town has a nice feel and the detail is great and nearly everything works. On the capital: it seems that there isn't really a plan here and I'm not sure what to say about Pasaliapolis and Futuria City. Passington might be a good place for a capital - like Sarepava says. FYI I plan to have a city at the lake on the river. But not everything here is fixed yet: I'll finish the natural features first. Overall, I wonder if you should consider if S Antarephia is the best place to have a 'US themed' country? Since - like you say - the countries round about are pretty alien in concept and without real world analogues while Pasalia is quite different. The natural features like the gulf I mapped partly to give some background as to how 2 very different countries could be located next door to one another.

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Comment from kingfries on 6 January 2019 at 21:56

@Ūdilugbulgidħū Yeah the whole capital area thing is 75% ,,Lets see how this goes and all'' one of my ideas was to have it be a ,,postwar,car-oriented sprawling city'', with low buildings and huge parking lots. Turned out thats hard to keep track of all the ways that need to be accounted for. Outside of that? A giant f-ing mess, phew, horrible to say the least. I like to pretend its not there. Passington is just a leftover of the old layout, Metroville? Uhh... nevermind that one. My Island? I actually put some thought behind why the airport is where it is. As an island that serves as a natural barrier from the open sea, would be bad to have a town open up right into the sea. Eventually it got connected to the southern island by land reclamtions and thats also where the airport was put. Having it be anywhere else now would mess up the way I planned everything out. Think of the area between fort and airport as having been water before. Thats also why theres a Fort there. If Capt. Jims Island (Airport area) would have any natural hills it wouldve blocked the clear view of the sea before our modern times. The Airport will stay put. But maybe shrunk even more, idk yet. If it were on e.g. the east side of the island it would spoil the nature and be really close to the steep mountain side. Not ideal.

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Comment from kingfries on 6 January 2019 at 22:02

Oh and I've actually considered what Alessa said about the road widths for example, that will change, thanks for pointing that one out. (All comments made are subject to feature mostly unintended very light rage sometimes, which is not directed at other users. ) Just in case anyone felt offended.

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